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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Jinxiu Rd. IntersectionService ended
BiyaoService ended
Rixing Civic activity centerService ended
SanchengService ended
Jianye Rd.Service ended
ErchengService ended
Central Engraving & Printing PlantService ended
Zhongyang New VillageService ended
TouchengComing soon
TouCheng (I)Coming soon
DamaopuComing soon
Kangle New VillageComing soon
Jen-Kang HospitalComing soon
Ankang Chezi Rd. Intersection5mins
Taipei Tobacco Factory5mins
Gonglun New Village(Feng Rong Hospital)7mins
Ankang Police Substation9mins
Guanghua New Village(AnHe Rd.)11mins
Chi Jen High School12mins
Guanghua St. Intersection13mins
Chaicheng Li14mins
Anhe Rd. Sec. 215mins
Yangguang Park (Xindian Flower Market)16mins
Anhe Li19mins
Zhenguang Home for the Disabled20mins
Xinhe Elementary School22mins
Sanjie Temple23mins
Jingxin St. Entrance24mins
Nanshijiao(Jingping Rd.)27mins
Zhonghe Church27mins
MRT Jingan Sta.(Jingping Rd.)29mins
Nanhua Rd. Entrance31mins
Zhonghe City Hall33mins
Liancheng Rd. Entrance34mins
MRT Zhonghe Sta.35mins
Huazhong Bridge36mins
Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market41mins
Wanda Elementary School42mins
Dechang St. Entrance43mins
Xizang Rd. Entrance44mins
Wanda Rd.46mins
Juguang Rd. Entrance46mins
Wanhua Station47mins
Longshan Junior High School51mins
MRT Ximen Sta.55mins
Zhonghua Rd. N. Stop56mins
Taipei Main Sta. (Zhongxiao)59mins
Executive Yuan63mins
Changan E. Rd. Sec. 164mins
Changan and Linsen Intersection68mins
Zhengshou Park70mins
Changan Elementary School(Chang’an)71mins
Changan E. Rd. Sec. 276mins
Zhongshan Girls High School77mins