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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Chi Jen High SchoolBus at depot
ShisifenBus at depot
Guanghua St. IntersectionBus at depot
Chaicheng LiBus at depot
ShitoucuoBus at depot
Anhe Rd. Sec. 2Bus at depot
Yangguang Park (Xindian Flower Market)Bus at depot
Anhe LiBus at depot
Zhenguang Home for the DisabledBus at depot
Xinhe Elementary SchoolBus at depot
Sanjie TempleComing soon
Jingxin St.3mins
Chih-Kuang Senior Commercial & Industrial Vocational High School5mins
Zhongxing Village 26mins
Zhongxing New Village7mins
Dehe Rd. Entrance9mins
Yonghe Elementary School10mins
Jinyin Building11mins
Yongli Rd.12mins
Fuhe Junior High School14mins
Fuhe Bridge(Yongyuan Rd.)15mins
MRT Gongguan Station4mins
MRT Gongguan4mins
Taipower Building7mins
MRT Taipower Building Sta.8mins
Roosevelt and Pucheng Intersection9mins
Roosevelt and hfu Kinmen Lukou10mins
MRT Guting Sta.(Roosevelt)11mins
Roosevelt and Chaozhou Intersection13mins
MRT CKS Memorial Hall Station (Roosevelt)Coming soon
MRT CKS Memorial Hall StationComing soon
Jingfu Gate3mins
NTU Hospital4mins
Taipei Kainan High SchoolComing soon
Chenggong High School(Linsen)3mins
Beiping and Linsen Itersection4mins
Huashan Park4mins
LinSen N. Rd. I6mins
Xinxin Departmnt Store8mins
Gloria Hotel10mins
Jusheng village11mins
Xinxing Junior High School12mins
Zhongshan Elementary School14mins
Jingfu Temple16mins
Tatung U.Coming soon
MRT Yuanshan Sta.Coming soon
Taipei Fine Arts Museum6mins
Grand Hotel8mins
Radio Taiwan International8mins
Martyr Shrine9mins
Chihai Cultural Park9mins
Air Force Command Headquarters11mins
Dazhi High School11mins
Dazhi Elementary SchoolComing soon
MRT Dazhi3mins
Zhifu Temple4mins
ZiQiang Tunnel (Dazhi Church)5mins
Zihqiang Tunnel6mins
MRT Jiannan Rd. Station6mins
Jingye 4th Rd.9mins
Dazhi Meiti Garden 2Coming soon
Jingye 3rd Rd. 2Coming soon
Jingye 3rd Rd. 1Coming soon
MRT Jiannan Rd. Station (ZhiFu)3mins
Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
MRT Jiannan Rd. Station (ZhiFu)3mins
Jingye 3rd Rd. 14mins
Jingye 3rd Rd. 24mins
Dazhi Meiti Garden 35mins
Jingye 4th Rd.7mins
MRT Jiannan Rd. StationComing soon
Zihqiang TunnelComing soon
Zhifu TempleComing soon
MRT Dazhi3mins
Dazhi High School4mins
Air Force Command Headquarters4mins
Martyr Shrine6mins
Radio Taiwan International7mins
Grand Hotel7mins
Taipei Fine Arts Museum10mins
MRT Yuanshan Sta.11mins
Taipei Expo ParkComing soon
Tatung U.Coming soon
Jingfu Temple3mins
Zhongshan Elementary School4mins
Xinxing Junior High School7mins
Jusheng village8mins
Gloria HotelComing soon
Zhongshan VillageComing soon
Xinxin Departmnt Store4mins
LinSen N. Rd. I6mins
Huashan Park8mins
MRT Shandao Temple Sta.9mins
Taipei Kainan High School11mins
Renai and Linsen Intersection12mins
Roosevelt and Chaozhou Intersection15mins
MRT Guting Sta.(Roosevelt)15mins
Roosevelt and hfu Kinmen Lukou16mins
Roosevelt and Pucheng Intersection17mins
MRT Taipower Building Sta.18mins
Taipower BuildingComing soon
MRT Gongguan StationComing soon
MRT GongguanComing soon
Fuhe Bridge(Linsen Rd.)3mins
Fuhe Junior High School7mins
Yongli Rd.9mins
Jinyin BuildingComing soon
Yonghe Elementary School3mins
Dehe Rd. Entrance3mins
Zhongxing New Village4mins
Zhongxing Village 25mins
Chih-Kuang Senior Commercial & Industrial Vocational High School6mins
Jingxin St.8mins
Sanjie Temple11mins
Xinhe Elementary School13mins
Zhenguang Home for the Disabled14mins
Anhe Li15mins
Yangguang Park (Xindian Flower Market)17mins
Anhe Rd. Sec. 2Coming soon
ShitoucuoComing soon
Chaicheng Li3mins
Guanghua St. Intersection3mins
Chi Jen High School4mins