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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
MRT Jiannan Rd. Station (ZhiFu)Service ended
Miramar (Zhifu)Service ended
Jingye 4th Rd.Service ended
Dazhi Meiti Garden 2Service ended
Dazhi Meiti Garden 3Service ended
Mingshui Rd. EntranceService ended
Mingshui Rd. 1Service ended
Zihqiang TunnelService ended
Zhifu TempleService ended
MRT DazhiService ended
Dazhi High SchoolService ended
Air Force Command HeadquartersService ended
Martyr ShrineService ended
Radio Taiwan InternationalService ended
Grand HotelService ended
Jinan Rd. Sec. 2Service ended
Nat'l Taipei College of Business(Jinan)Service ended
Chenggong High School(Jinan)Service ended
Taipei Kainan High SchoolService ended
Renai and Linsen IntersectionService ended
Roosevelt and Chaozhou IntersectionService ended
MRT Guting Sta.(Roosevelt)Service ended
Roosevelt and hfu Kinmen LukouService ended
Roosevelt and Pucheng IntersectionService ended
MRT Taipower Building Sta.Service ended
Taipower BuildingService ended
MRT Kungkuan StationService ended
MRT GongguanService ended
Fuhe Bridge(Linsen Rd.)Service ended
Fuhe Junior High SchoolService ended
Yongli Rd.Service ended
JinYin BuildingService ended
Yonghe Elementary SchoolService ended
Dehe Rd. EntranceService ended
Zhongxing New VillageService ended
Zhongxing Village 2Service ended
Chih-Kuang Senior Commercial & Industrial Vocational High SchoolService ended
Jingxin St.Service ended
Sanjie TempleService ended
Xinhe Elementary SchoolService ended
Zhenguang Home for the DisabledService ended
Anhe LiService ended
Yangguang Park (Xindian Flower Market)Service ended
Anhe Rd. Sec. 2Service ended
ShitoucuoService ended
Chaicheng LiService ended
Guanghua St. IntersectionService ended
ShisifenService ended
Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
Chi Jen High SchoolService ended