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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Zhonghe High SchoolBus at depot
Liancheng Rd.Bus at depot
Liancheng Zhongzheng Rd. EntranceBus at depot
Liancheng Jinhe Rd. EntranceBus at depot
Taimao Village 1Bus at depot
National Taxation Bureau Jhonghe OfficeBus at depot
Liancheng & Jingping Rd.Coming soon
Liancheng Zhonghe Rd. EntranceComing soon
Zhonghe Temple6mins
Zhonghe Police Substation7mins
Nanshan High School8mins
Shuanghe Li9mins
Huatai New Village(Yian Rd.)10mins
Yian Road12mins
Zhongxing Ercun15mins
Zhongxing New Village16mins
Dehe Rd. Entrance17mins
Yonghe Elementary School20mins
Fuhe LiComing soon
Fuhe Rd.3mins
Yonghe City Office4mins
Wangxi Elementary School5mins
Wangxi Elementary School7mins
Zhulin Rd. Entrance8mins
Zhongzheng Bridge11mins
Chongqing S. Road Sec. 3(Zhongzheng Bridge)13mins
Heping W. Rd. 114mins
Nanfu Banxi(Nanchang Park)15mins
MRT Guting Sta.(Heping)17mins
Jinshan Chaozhou St. Entrance20mins
Center for Public & Business Administration EducationComing soon
MRT Dongmen Sta.(Jinshan)Coming soon
Renai Rd. Sec. 24mins
Jinshan and Tai’an Intersection6mins
Xinsheng S. Rd. Sec. 17mins
MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng10mins
Guanghua Market11mins
Changan & Songjiang Roads11mins
MRT Songjiang Nanjing Sta.Coming soon
Changchun & Songjiang RoadsComing soon
MRT Xingtian Temple3mins
Songjiang New Village5mins
Minquan & Jianguo Intersection9mins
Minquan and Longjiang Intersection10mins
Minquan and Fuxing Intersection12mins
Minquan and Dunhua Intersection13mins
Minquan E. Rd. Entrance3mins
China Air Lines3mins
Minquan Park4mins
Minquan Elementary School5mins
Sanmin Elementary School6mins
Minquan Bridge16mins
China Times Daily News Square17mins
Sanmin Junior High School19mins
Neihu Admin. Building20mins
National Defense Medical Center23mins
Jiangjun Ling25mins
St. Francis High School25mins
Neihu High School28mins
MRT Wende Sta.(Bihu Park)29mins
Huguang Public Housing30mins
Xihu Library(Huguang Church)Coming soon
MRT Gangqian Station(Neihu Vocational High School)Coming soon
Lishan Jr. High School3mins
Lishan St.4mins
Shude High School of Commerce and Home Economics5mins
MRT Xihu Station6mins
Xihu Junior High School8mins
Takming U. of Science and Technology (Huanshan Rd.)10mins
Huanshan Rd.11mins
Lishan New Village12mins
Lishan High School(Huanshan)13mins
Lishan High School(Gangqian)15mins
KangqianComing soon
Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
Xihu Library(Huguang Church)Coming soon
Huguang Public Housing3mins
MRT Wende Sta.(Bihu Park)4mins
Neihu High School6mins
St. Francis High School7mins
Jiangjun Ling8mins
National Defense Medical Center9mins
Neihu Admin. Building11mins
Sanmin Junior High School12mins
China Times Daily News Square14mins
Minquan Bridge15mins
Sanmin Elementary School20mins
Minquan Elementary School21mins
China Air Lines22mins
Minquan and Dunhua Intersection25mins
Minquan and Fuxing Intersection27mins
Minquan and Longjiang Intersection29mins
Minquan & Jianguo Intersection30mins
Minquan and Songjiang IntersectionComing soon
MRT Xingtian TempleComing soon
Changchun & Songjiang Roads3mins
MRT Songjiang Nanjing Sta.4mins
Changan & Songjiang Roads6mins
Guanghua Market9mins
MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng11mins
Renai Rd. Sec. 216mins
MRT Dongmen Sta.(Jinshan)18mins
Center for Public & Business Administration Education21mins
Jinshan Chaozhou St. Entrance21mins
MRT Guting Sta.(Heping)Coming soon
Nanfu Banxi(Nanchang Park)Coming soon
Heping W. Rd. 14mins
Chongqing S. Road Sec. 3(Zhongzheng Bridge)6mins
MRT Dingxi Sta.9mins
Renai Rd.11mins
Xinyi Rd.12mins
Dingxi Elementary School12mins
Wenhua Rd.13mins
Zhulin Rd. Entrance14mins
Wangxi Elementary School16mins
Yonghe City Office17mins
Fuhe Rd.20mins
Fuhe Li21mins
Yonghe Elementary School21mins
Dehe Rd. Entrance22mins
Zhongxing New VillageComing soon
Zhongxing ErcunComing soon
Chih-Kuang Senior Commercial & Industrial Vocational High School4mins
Yian Road6mins
Huatai New Village(Yian Rd.)7mins
Shuanghe Li9mins
Nanshan High School9mins
Zhonghe Police Substation10mins
Zhonghe Temple Entrance12mins
Liancheng Zhonghe Rd. EntranceComing soon
Liancheng & Jingping Rd.4mins
National Taxation Bureau Jhonghe Office4mins
Taimao Village 16mins
Liancheng Jinhe Rd. EntranceComing soon
Liancheng Zhongzheng Rd. Entrance4mins
Liancheng Rd.4mins
Zhonghe High SchoolComing soon