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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
XishengBus at depot
DongfangzhixingComing soon
XishengguanComing soon
JiaqixintiandiComing soon
ZhengfengComing soon
Datang JiangshanComing soon
Lane 403 Minan W. Rd. Intersection3mins
Guanghua St. Intersection4mins
Xinbao Community5mins
Guangming Village6mins
Guanghua Elementary School (Minan W. Rd.)Coming soon
Fulu New Village 1Coming soon
Fulu New Village 23mins
Minan BridgeComing soon
Minan Rd.3mins
Hougang Community4mins
Jianfu Rd. Intersection5mins
Hongtai CommunityComing soon
MRT Fu Jen University Station7mins
Institute for the BlindComing soon
Haishan VillageComing soon
Xintai Rd. IntersectionComing soon
MRT Xinzhuang Sta.(Xinzhuang Post Office)Coming soon
Xinzhuang Elementary SchoolComing soon
Baoyuan Temple3mins
MRT Touqianzhuang StationComing soon
TouqianComing soon
Ginling Girls' High SchoolComing soon
Zhongxing St. Entrance3mins
MRT Xianse Temple Station5mins
Wuguwang Temple5mins
Chongxin Bridge8mins
Ximen Elementary School(Nat'l Taiwan U. Hospital Bei-hu Branch)Coming soon
National Taipei University of Nursing and Health SciencesComing soon
Neijiang St.Coming soon
Ximen Market(Hanzhong)Coming soon
Taipei Military Police Squad5mins
Soochow U. Downtown Campus6mins
Taipei First Girls High School(Guiyang)8mins
Taipei First Girls High School(Gongyuan)8mins
Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of University of Taipei9mins
Taipei Water Dept. West District Business Office(Ningbo)Coming soon
TCUH Branch of Women and Children 1Coming soon
Nanchang Rd. Furniture Market3mins
MRT Guting Sta.(Heping)Coming soon
National Taiwan Normal U.5mins
Nat'l Taiwan Normal U. General BuildingComing soon
Wenzhou St. EntranceComing soon
Daan Park3mins
Longmen Jr. High School(Heping)3mins
Fuxing S. Rd. Entrance5mins
National Taipei University of Education6mins
Wolong St.6mins
Quanan LiComing soon
Lih-Jen International Private SchoolComing soon
Wenchang St. EntranceComing soon
MRT XinYi-AnHe Sta.(AnHe)4mins
Renai Junior High School6mins
Dunhua and Anhe Intersection7mins
MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Sta.Coming soon
Apollo BuildingComing soon
Tourism BureauComing soon
Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall5mins
Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
Renai & Yanji Intersection6mins
Renai Cathay General Hospital6mins
Renai & Anhe Intersection7mins
Renai & Anhe Intersection7mins
Renai Elementary School11mins
MRT XinYi-AnHe Sta.(AnHe)12mins
Wenchang St. Entrance13mins
Lih-Jen International Private SchoolComing soon
Quanan LiComing soon
Anhe Rd. EntranceComing soon
Wolong St.5mins
National Taipei University of EducationComing soon
Fuxing S. Rd. EntranceComing soon
National Taipei University of Education Experiment Elementary School3mins
Longmen Jr. High School(Heping)3mins
Daan Park5mins
Wenzhou St. Entrance6mins
National Taiwan Normal U. General Building7mins
National Taiwan Normal U.8mins
MRT Guting Sta.(Heping)Coming soon
Nanchang Rd. Furniture MarketComing soon
TCUH Branch of Women and Children 1Coming soon
Nanchang Rd.4mins
Taipei First Girls High School(Gongyuan)5mins
Taipei First Girls High School(Guiyang)5mins
Hengyang Rd.8mins
Ximen Market(Chengdu)10mins
Ximen Elementary School11mins
Chongxin Bridge15mins
Wuguwang Temple18mins
MRT Xianse Temple Station20mins
Zhongxing St. Entrance20mins
Ginling Girls' High School21mins
MRT Touqianzhuang Station23mins
Dazhong Temple24mins
MRT Xinzhuang Sta.(Xinzhuang Post Office)Coming soon
Xintai Rd. IntersectionComing soon
Haishan VillageComing soon
Institute for the Blind5mins
MRT Fu Jen Catholic U.6mins
YingpankouComing soon
Sanyo (Jianfu Rd.)3mins
Hongtai Community4mins
Jianfu Rd. Intersection4mins
Hougang Community4mins
Minan Rd.6mins
Minan Bridge7mins
Fulu New Village 27mins
Fulu New Village 18mins
Guanghua Elementary School (Minan W. Rd.)8mins
Guangming Village9mins
Xinbao Community10mins
Guanghua St. Intersection11mins
Lane 403 Minan W. Rd. Intersection12mins
Datang Jiangshan12mins
Xisheng 115mins