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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Fuan HouseService ended
ArouyangService ended
Wenshan Rd. Sec.3Service ended
Taixin FactoryService ended
Tungnan U.Service ended
WanshunliaoService ended
CaodiweiService ended
Fude LiService ended
Wenhe BridgeService ended
FudeService ended
XiangtoupuService ended
Wanfu BridgeService ended
ShibikengService ended
FengdongshiService ended
Bojia Elementary SchoolService ended
MRT MuzhaService ended
Muzha Vocational High SchoolService ended
Wanfang Rd. EntranceService ended
Wanshou Qiaotou(Muzha)Service ended
Wenshan Dist. Admin. CenterService ended
Muja MarketService ended
Yongan St.Service ended
Zhinan Rd. EntranceService ended
Munan ParkService ended
Jingwen High SchoolService ended
Sifa New VillageService ended
Zhongshun TempleService ended
Guotai New Village(Xinglong)Service ended
Xinglong Rd. Entrance(Zhongshun)Service ended
Zhongshun St.Service ended
Shijian Elementary SchoolService ended
Shijian Junior High SchoolService ended
Zhonggang Pumping Sta.Service ended
GouzikouService ended
Examination YuanService ended
Fuxing Police SubstationService ended
Shih Hsin UniversityService ended
Jingmei Elementary School(Jingwen)Service ended
Wenshan Police Sta. 2Service ended
Ministry of Finance ParkService ended
WanlongService ended
MRT WanlongService ended
Wugong Elementary School(Roosevelt)Service ended
National Taiwan Normal University BranchService ended
MRT Gongguan Sta.Service ended