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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Xinzhuang Joint Office Tower, Executive Yuan (Ronghua)14mins
Zhongxin Elementary School15mins
Zhongyuan Rd.16mins
Zhongyuan & Zhongping Intersection18mins
Zhongping Junior High School20mins
Xinzhuang High School(Zhongping Rd.)21mins
Xinzhuang High School(Xingfu Rd.)22mins
Zhonghe St. Intersection23mins
Zhengbang Community25mins
Zhonghua Rd.26mins
Caiyuan Square27mins
Fuxing Rd. Sec. 229mins
Taipei Hospital(Fuxing Rd.)30mins
Taipei Hospital33mins
MRT Touqianzhuang(Siyuan Rd.)34mins
MRT Touqianzhuang Station36mins
Ginling Girls' High School38mins
Zhongxing St. EntranceComing soon
MRT Xianse Temple StationComing soon
Wuguwang TempleComing soon
Chongxin Bridge5mins
Ximen Elementary School(Nat'l Taiwan U. Hospital Bei-hu Branch)9mins
National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences10mins
Neijiang St.11mins
Ximen Market(Hanzhong)12mins
Baoqing Rd.14mins
Boai Rd.17mins
Taipei Post Office18mins
Taipei Main Sta. (Zhongxiao)19mins
MRT Shandao Temple Sta.22mins
Huashan Cultural and Creative Industries Park23mins
National Taipei U. of Technology26mins
Jingan Park30mins
Central Pictures Bade Bldg.31mins
Adventist Hospital34mins
TTV Enterprise Co.36mins
Meiren Villiage37mins
Guangfu Rd. Entrance38mins
Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office39mins
Bade and Dongning Intersection42mins
Dongxing Rd.44mins
Xingya Elementary School47mins
Public Housing48mins
Yongchun Elementary School49mins
Yongji Elementary School50mins
Yongchun Apartment52mins
Land Bank of Taiwan54mins
Dormitory of National Tax Administration of Taipei57mins
Songshan High School of Commerce and Home Economics(Fude)58mins
Songyou New Village59mins
Fengtian Temple60mins
Fude Elementary School62mins
Chengfu Rd. EntranceComing soon
Chengfu Rd. Entrance 1Coming soon
Yucheng ParkComing soon
Xiangbin New VillageComing soon
TCUH, Zhongxiao Branch(Tong De)3mins
Xiude Elementary School5mins
Nangang Park6mins
Nangang Park 17mins
Nangang Garden Community 48mins
Nangang Garden Community 38mins
Nangang Garden Community 29mins
Nangang Garden Community 110mins
Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
Nangang Garden Community 510mins
Nangang Park 111mins
Nangang Park12mins
Xiude Elementary School13mins
TCUH, Zhongxiao Branch(Tong De)14mins
Xiangbin New Village18mins
Yucheng Park18mins
Chengfu Rd. Entrance 119mins
Chengfu Rd. Entrance20mins
Fude Elementary School21mins
Fengtian TempleComing soon
Songyou New VillageComing soon
Songshan High School of Commerce and Home Economics(Fude)4mins
Yongchun Apartment7mins
MRT Yongchun Sta.(Songshan)11mins
Yongji Elementary School11mins
Yongchun Elementary School13mins
Public HousingComing soon
Xingya Elementary SchoolComing soon
Dongxing Rd.5mins
Bade and Dongning Intersection7mins
Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office8mins
Guangfu Rd. Entrance11mins
Meiren Villiage13mins
TTV Enterprise Co.16mins
Adventist Hospital18mins
Zhongxing High School20mins
Changan and Longjiang Intersection21mins
Zhongshan Girls High School22mins
Jianguo Brewery23mins
National Taipei U. of Technology26mins
Huashan Cultural and Creative Industries Park28mins
MRT Shandao Temple Sta.30mins
Taipei Main Sta. (Zhongxiao)32mins
Taipei Main Station (Chongqing)Coming soon
Chongqing S. Road Sec. 1Coming soon
2/28 Peace ParkComing soon
Hengyang Rd.3mins
Ximen Market(Chengdu)6mins
Ximen Elementary School7mins
Chongxin Bridge11mins
Wuguwang Temple15mins
MRT Xianse Temple Station16mins
Zhongxing St. Entrance16mins
Ginling Girls' High School17mins
MRT Touqianzhuang Station19mins
Dazhong Temple21mins
MRT Xinzhuang Station (District Lands Office)Coming soon
XinZhuang Sports CenterComing soon
ZhongMei MarketComing soon
Caiyuan Square3mins
Zhonghua Rd.4mins
Zhengbang Community5mins
Zhonghe St. Intersection7mins
Xinzhuang High School(Xingfu Rd.)9mins
Xinzhuang High School(Zhongping Rd.)9mins
Zhongping Junior High School10mins
Zhongyuan Rd.12mins
Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute13mins
Ronghua & Zhongping Intersection15mins