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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Jingye 3rd Rd. 2Service ended
Dazhi Meiti Garden 3Service ended
Keelung River 2nd. Term Public Housing 1Service ended
Binjiang Jr. High SchoolService ended
Zhipan New VillageService ended
Xihu Junior High SchoolService ended
Takming U. of Science and Technology (Huanshan Rd.)Service ended
Huanshan Rd.Service ended
Lishan New VillageService ended
Lishan High School (Huanshan)Service ended
Lishan High School (Gangqian)Service ended
KangqianService ended
MRT Gangqian Station (Neihu Vocational High School)Service ended
Lishan Jr. High SchoolService ended
Lishan St.Service ended
Shude High School of Commerce and Home EconomicsService ended
MRT Xihu StationService ended
Zhipan New VillageService ended
Wenhu Elementary SchoolService ended
MiramarService ended
MRT Jiannan Rd. StationService ended
Waishuangxi(Gugong)Service ended
Gugong Rd. EntranceService ended
CMPC Movie CityService ended
Soochow U. (Chien Mu House)Service ended
Meilin New VillageService ended
Shuangxi ParkService ended
ZhishanyanService ended
Zhishan ParkService ended
Huiji TempleService ended
Mingshan VillageService ended
Yunong Elementary SchoolService ended
TCUH Yangming BranchService ended
Lanya New VillageService ended
Lanya Junior High SchoolService ended
Tianmu Baseball Stadium (Zhongcheng)Service ended
Taipei Municipal School of Special EducationService ended
Sanyu TempleService ended
Qifu MansionService ended
Qixian MansionService ended
Rongguan New Village (Eastern District of V.G.H.)Service ended
Yongxin VillageService ended
Fude Temple (Shipai)Service ended
Tianbei StopService ended
Tianyu VillageService ended
Tianmu Elementary SchoolService ended