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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
FudeService ended
XiangtoupuService ended
Wanfu BridgeService ended
MRT Taipei Zoo Sta.Service ended
Maokong Gondola Taipei Zoo StationService ended
Wanshou Qiaotou(Xinguang)Service ended
Wanshou Qiaotou(Xiuming)Service ended
Wanxing Elementary SchoolService ended
National Chengchi U. 1Service ended
Xinguang Rd. EntranceService ended
Zhinan Rd.Service ended
Muja MarketService ended
Wenshan Dist. Admin. CenterService ended
Wanshou Qiaotou(Muzha)Service ended
Wanfang Rd. EntranceService ended
Muzha Vocational High SchoolService ended
MRT MuzhaService ended
Jungong New VillageService ended
Wanfang Community(Heping)Service ended
Heping Rd.Service ended
Mingmen CommunityService ended
Wolong New VillageService ended
DawoxinsheService ended
LinguangService ended
Lizhong MarketService ended
Fuyang St. EntranceService ended
MRT Liuzhangli Sta.(Heping)Service ended
George Vocational High School of TaipeiService ended
Sanxing Elementary School(Linjiang St. Night Market)Service ended
Guangfu S. Rd. EntranceService ended
SanzhangliService ended
Citizens HousingService ended
Sun Yat-sen Memorial HallService ended
MRT Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Sta.(Guangfu)Service ended
Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office(Guangfu)Service ended
Veterans Service CenterService ended
Nanjing & Ningan IntersectionService ended
Nanjing & Dunhua Intersection(Taipei Arena)Service ended
MRT Nanjing Fuxing StationService ended
Nanjing & Longjiang IntersectionService ended
Nanjing & Jianguo IntersectionService ended
MRT Songjiang Nanjing Sta.Service ended
Nanjing & Jilin IntersectionService ended
Nanjing & Linsen IntersectionService ended
MRT Zhongshan Sta.(Zhiren High School)Service ended
Old Taipei Railway Sta.Service ended
Taipei Circle(Chongqing)Service ended