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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Fude 2nd. Rd.Service ended
Pandisk Technology Co.Service ended
Dashu Wood Co.Service ended
Beifeng Elementary SchoolService ended
Shidian CommunityService ended
Beifeng Li(Kangning St.)Service ended
Jinlong Elementary School(Kangning St.)Service ended
Munan Coal MineService ended
Economic & Trade ParkService ended
Beishan LiService ended
Donghu Elementary SchoolService ended
Wufen CommunityService ended
Minghu Junior High SchoolService ended
Minghu Elementary School (PTS)Service ended
MRT Huzhou Sta. (University of Kang Ning)Service ended
Kangning HospitalService ended
Huangshigong TempleService ended
Dahu ParkService ended
MRT Dahu Park Sta.Service ended
DahuService ended
Jinlong VillageService ended
MRT Neihu Sta.Service ended
Huguang MarketService ended
Chenggong Rd. Sec. 3Service ended
St. Francis High SchoolService ended
Jiangjun LingService ended
Tri-Service General HospitalTraffic control
National Defense Medical CenterService ended
HuxingService ended
ShangwanziService ended
Shitan Park (Chenggong)Service ended
Nangang Police Dist. (Xiangyang)Service ended
Nangang High SchoolService ended
MRT KunyangService ended
Army Logistics CommandService ended
Guohua New VillageService ended
TCUH, Zhongxiao BranchComing soon
MRT Houshanpi Sta. (Yongji)Coming soon
Wufenpu Shopping Circle(Zhongpo N. Rd)4mins
Songshan Rail Sta. (Songlong)5mins
Songshan Rail Sta. (Songshan)7mins
Yongji and Songshan Intersection8mins
Yongchun Li (Songshan)8mins
MRT Yongchun Sta. (Zhongxiao)10mins
Songshan High School of Agriculture and Industry11mins
City Fire Department (Songren)13mins
Xingya Junior High School14mins
Songshou Rd. Intersection16mins
Taipei City Hall (SongShou)17mins
World Trade Center (Keelung Rd.)19mins
Wuxing St. Entrance20mins
Sanxing Elementary School (Linjiang St. Night Market)21mins
George Vocational High School of Taipei22mins
Heping and Anhe intersection24mins
Wolong St.26mins
National Taipei University of EducationComing soon
Fuxing S. Rd. EntranceComing soon
National Taipei University of Education Experiment Elementary SchoolComing soon
Longmen Jr. High School (Heping)Coming soon
Longan Elementary School (Civil Service Development Institute)5mins
NTU Sports Center6mins
National Taiwan U.7mins
MRT Gongguan Sta.9mins
National Taiwan Normal University Branch11mins
Changan Elementary School (Xinglong)12mins
Jingming St. Entrance14mins
Xianguang Apartment14mins
Jingxing Junior High School16mins
Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
Jinhua Park17mins
Jingmei Junior High School19mins
Ministry of Finance Park20mins
MRT Wanlong22mins
Wugong Elementary School (Roosevelt)23mins
National Taiwan Normal University Branch24mins
MRT Gongguan Sta.26mins
National Taiwan U.28mins
NTU Sports CenterComing soon
Longan Elementary School (Civil Service Development Institute)Coming soon
Daan ParkComing soon
Longmen Jr. High School (Heping)Coming soon
Fuxing S. Rd. EntranceComing soon
National Taipei University of Education4mins
Wolong St.4mins
Heping and Anhe intersection6mins
George Vocational High School of Taipei8mins
Sanxing Elementary School (Linjiang St. Night Market)9mins
Wuxing St. Entrance9mins
World Trade Center (Keelung Rd.)11mins
Taipei City Hall(Songshou)12mins
Songshou Rd. Entrance13mins
Xingya Junior High School14mins
City Fire Department (Songren)15mins
Songshan High School of Agriculture and Industry16mins
MRT Yongchun Sta. (Zhongxiao)17mins
Yongchun Li (Songshan)18mins
Shuangyong Elementary School20mins
Yongji and Songshan Intersection21mins
Songshan Rail Sta. (Songshan)21mins
Wufenpu Shopping Circle(Zhongpo N. Rd)Coming soon
MRT Houshanpi Sta. (Yongji)4mins
TCUH, Zhongxiao Branch5mins
Guohua New Village6mins
Army Logistics Command7mins
MRT Kunyang7mins
Nangang High School9mins
Nangang Police Dist. (Xiangyang)11mins
Shitan Park (Chenggong)12mins
National Defense Medical Center16mins
Tri-Service General HospitalTraffic control
Jiangjun LingComing soon
St. Francis High School3mins
Chenggong Rd. Sec. 3Coming soon
Huguang MarketComing soon
MRT Neihu Sta.Coming soon
XiuhuComing soon
MRT Dahu Park Sta.4mins
Dahu Park5mins
Huangshigong Temple6mins
Kangning Hospital6mins
Kangning Community7mins
MRT Huzhou Sta. (University of Kang Ning)8mins
Minghu Elementary School (PTS)9mins
Minghu Junior High School10mins
Wufen Community11mins
Donghu Elementary School12mins
Beishan Li13mins
Economic & Trade Park14mins
Munan Coal MineComing soon
Jinlong Elementary School(Kangning St.)Coming soon
Beifeng Li(Kangning St.)Coming soon
Shidian CommunityComing soon
Beifeng Elementary School4mins
Dashu Wood Co.5mins
Pandisk Technology Co.5mins
Fude 2nd. Rd.6mins