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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Yongchun High School33mins
Songyou New Village34mins
Xinyi Dist. Admin. Center (Fengtian Temple)35mins
Fude Elementary School38mins
Chengfu Rd. Entrance38mins
Nangang Garden Community 240mins
Chengfu Changchun Assembly41mins
Chengfu Rd. Entrance43mins
Fude Elementary School43mins
Xinyi Dist. Admin. Center (Fengtian Temple)45mins
Songyou New Village46mins
Songshan High School of Commerce and Home Economics(Fude)46mins
Yongchun Apartment49mins
MRT Yongchun Sta.(Songshan)52mins
Shuangyong Elementary School53mins
Yongji and Songshan Intersection55mins
Songshan Station(Songshan)56mins
Hulin St. Entrance57mins
Yongji Junior High School58mins
Xingya Elementary School59mins
Keelung Rd. Entrance63mins
Power Sta. (Xisong High School)66mins
Xindong Li67mins
Minsheng Junior High School69mins
Xinyi Villiage70mins
Minquan Bridge74mins
China Times Daily News Square74mins
Sanmin Junior High School76mins
Neihu Admin. Building78mins
National Defense Medical Center80mins
Jiangjun Ling81mins
St. Francis High School82mins
Neihu High School84mins
MRT Wende Sta.(Bihu Park)85mins
Huguang Public Housing86mins
Xihu Library(Huguang Church)87mins
MRT Gangqian Station(Neihu Vocational High School)89mins
Lishan Jr. High School90mins
Lishan St.91mins
Shude High School of Commerce and Home Economics92mins
MRT Xihu Station93mins
Zhipan New Village95mins
Wenhu Elementary School95mins
MRT Jiannan Rd. Station99mins
Zihqiang Tunnel101mins
Zhifu Temple102mins
MRT Dazhi Station103mins
Fuxing N. Village107mins
Wuchang St. Entrance108mins
MRT Zhongshan Junior High School109mins
National Taipei U. (Taipei Campus)112mins
Hejiang St. Entrance113mins
Minsheng & Songjiang Intersection113mins
Songjiang New Village115mins
Xingtian Temple116mins
Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
Xinsheng Park (Lin An-tai Historic House)118mins
Taipei Fish Market121mins
The Second Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market122mins
Xiapi Village122mins
Dazhi Elementary School127mins
MRT Dazhi Station128mins
Zhifu Temple130mins
Zihqiang Tunnel(Dazhi Church)130mins
Zihqiang Tunnel132mins
MRT Jiannan Rd. Station132mins
Wenhu Elementary School135mins
Zhipan New Village136mins
MRT Xihu Station136mins
Shude High School of Commerce and Home Economics138mins
Lishan St.138mins
MRT Gangqian Station(Neihu Vocational High School)140mins
Xihu Library(Huguang Church)141mins
Huguang Public Housing142mins
MRT Wende Sta.(Bihu Park)144mins
Neihu High School144mins
St. Francis High School146mins
Jiangjun Ling147mins
National Defense Medical Center148mins
Neihu Admin. Building149mins
Sanmin Junior High School150mins
China Times Daily News Square152mins
Minquan Bridge152mins
Xinyi Villiage156mins
Minsheng Junior High School158mins
Xindong Li158mins
Power Sta. (Xisong High School)160mins
Keelung Rd. Entrance 1163mins
Keelung Rd. Entrance 2164mins
Songshan High School(Songlong)166mins
Songlong Rd. Entrance167mins
Yongji Junior High School170mins
Hulin St. Entrance170mins
Songshan Station(Songshan)171mins
Yongji and Songshan Intersection173mins
Shuangyong Elementary School174mins
Yongchun Apartment176mins
Land Bank of Taiwan177mins
Dormitory of National Tax Administration of Taipei179mins
Songshan High School of Commerce and Home Economics(Fude)180mins
Songyou New Village181mins
Xinyi Dist. Admin. Center (Fengtian Temple)182mins
Fude Elementary School183mins
Chengfu Rd. Entrance184mins
Nangang Garden Community 2186mins
Chengfu Changchun Assembly187mins
Chengfu Rd. Entrance189mins
Fude Elementary School191mins
Xinyi Dist. Admin. Center (Fengtian Temple)192mins
Songyou New Village193mins
Yongchun High School193mins