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Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
XinYi & Dunhua IntersectionService ended
Daan Junior High SchoolService ended
Chenggong Public HousingService ended
Fengchu ParkService ended
Dunhua and Heping intersectionService ended
Heping High SchoolService ended
Taipei Water Department(Xinhai )Service ended
Qingfong Activity CenterService ended
Xinhai Elementary SchoolService ended
MRT Xinhai Sta.Service ended
MRT Xinhai 1Service ended
Xinglong Rd. Entrance (Xinhai)Service ended
China University of Technology(Xinhai)Service ended
Huaien TunnelService ended
Gouzikou(Xingfu huaxing)Service ended
Yongjian Elementary SchoolService ended
Zhongxing ApartmentService ended
Zaixing High SchoolService ended
Wenshan Police Sta. 1Service ended
Jiukang St. EntranceService ended
Huaxia Village 6Service ended
Muzha Elementary SchoolService ended
Wanshou Qiaotou(Xinguang)Service ended
Taipei ZooService ended
MRT Taipei Zoo Sta.Service ended
Wanfu BridgeService ended
XiangtoupuService ended
FudeService ended