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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Zhonghe High SchoolBus at depot
Liancheng Rd.Bus at depot
Liancheng Zhongzheng Rd. EntranceBus at depot
Liancheng Jinhe Rd. EntranceComing soon
Taimao Village 1Coming soon
National Taxation Bureau Jhonghe Office4mins
Liancheng & Jingping Rd.5mins
Liancheng Zhonghe Rd. Entrance7mins
Zhonghe TempleComing soon
Zhonghe Police SubstationComing soon
Nanshan High SchoolComing soon
Shuanghe Li3mins
Huatai New Village(Yian Rd.)4mins
Yian Road5mins
Zhongxing Village 2Coming soon
Zhongxing New VillageComing soon
Dehe Rd. EntranceComing soon
Yonghe Elementary School3mins
JinYin BuildingComing soon
Fuhe VillageComing soon
Fuhe Rd.3mins
YongFu Bridge4mins
Water Museum(Dormitory of Prince)7mins
Tri-Service General HospitalComing soon
Tien Educational Center4mins
Taipower Building7mins
National Taiwan University8mins
NTU Sports Center9mins
Longan Elementary School (Civil Service Development Institute)10mins
Jinhua and Xinsheng Intersection13mins
Xinyi & Xinsheng Intersection14mins
Xingan Elementary School17mins
Renai & Jianguo Intersection (1)19mins
Renai & Jianguo Intersection (2)20mins
Renai & Fuxing Intersection(Howard Hotel)Coming soon
Renai & Daan Intersection(Renai Hospital)Coming soon
Renai and Dunhua IntersectionComing soon
Renai & Anhe Intersection5mins
Renai Cathay General Hospital5mins
Renai & Yanji IntersectionComing soon
Renai & Guangfu IntersectionComing soon
Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall3mins
Taipei City Hall(City Hall Rd.)4mins
Songshan High School(Keelung Rd.)8mins
Keelung Rd. EntranceComing soon
Raohe St. Night Market (Bade)Coming soon
Songshan Farmers Association3mins
Songshan Rail Sta.3mins
Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
Bade & Zhongpo Intersection6mins
Songshan Station(Bade)8mins
Songshan Farmers Association9mins
Raohe St. Night Market (Bade)11mins
Keelung Rd. Entrance 212mins
Songshan High School(Keelung Rd.)13mins
Taipei City Hall(City Hall Rd.)17mins
Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall19mins
Renai & Guangfu Intersection19mins
Renai & Yanji Intersection20mins
Renai Cathay General Hospital21mins
Renai & Anhe Intersection22mins
Renai and Dunhua Intersection23mins
Renai & Fuxing Intersection(Howard Hotel)25mins
Renai & Jianguo Intersection26mins
Xinyi & Xinsheng IntersectionComing soon
Xinyi & Xinsheng IntersectionComing soon
Jinhua and Xinsheng IntersectionComing soon
Heping and Xinsheng IntersectionComing soon
Longan Elementary School (Civil Service Development Institute)Coming soon
NTU Sports CenterComing soon
National Taiwan UniversityComing soon
MRT Gongguan Station5mins
Fuhe Bridge(Linsen Rd.)11mins
Fuhe Junior High School12mins
Yongli Rd.13mins
JinYin Building15mins
Yonghe Elementary School15mins
Dehe Rd. Entrance16mins
Zhongxing New Village17mins
Zhongxing Village 218mins
Chih-Kuang Senior Commercial & Industrial Vocational High School19mins
Yian Road21mins
Huatai New Village(Yian Rd.)22mins
Shuanghe Li23mins
Nanshan High School24mins
Zhonghe Police Substation25mins
Zhonghe Temple Entrance26mins
Liancheng Zhonghe Rd. EntranceComing soon
Liancheng & Jingping Rd.3mins
National Taxation Bureau Jhonghe Office4mins
Taimao Village 1Coming soon
Liancheng Jinhe Rd. EntranceComing soon
Liancheng Zhongzheng Rd. Entrance4mins
Liancheng Rd.4mins
Terminal Stop ZhongHe Senior High SchoolComing soon