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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Luzhou Bus TerminalService ended
Wangye Temple EntranceService ended
National Open Univ.Service ended
Zhongyuan ApartmentService ended
Luzhou Elementary SchoolService ended
Luzhou Sta.Bus at depot
Heping IntersectionBus at depot
Luzhou Motor Vehicles OfficeComing soon
Luzhou Police SubstationComing soon
XiqianComing soon
MRT St. Ignatius High SchoolComing soon
St. Ignatius High SchoolComing soon
Xingfu MarketComing soon
Jianhe New VillageComing soon
MRT Sanhe Juior High School Sta.Coming soon
Ziqiang Rd. Entrance3mins
Xiwei St. Entrance4mins
Renai St.5mins
Bihua Temple6mins
Cihua Park8mins
Bihua Elementary SchoolComing soon
Wuhua St.Coming soon
Ziqiang & Wuhua IntersectionComing soon
Chongyang BridgeComing soon
Yangming High School3mins
Shilin Admin. Center4mins
Shilin Jr. High School4mins
MRT Zhishan Sta. 1Coming soon
MRT Zhishan Sta.(Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center)Coming soon
Zhongzheng High School3mins
Mingde Junior High School5mins
MRT Mingde Sta.(Donghua)6mins
Ziqiang St. Entrance(Donghua)Coming soon
MRT Shipai Sta.(Donghua)Coming soon
General MarketComing soon
Yongming Police SubstationComing soon
Veterans General Hospital3mins
Rongguan New Village(Eastern District of V.G.H.)4mins
Yongxin Villiage4mins
Fude Temple(Shipai)5mins
Fude Temple(Xingyi)Coming soon
HuangxiComing soon
Mingshan TempleComing soon
Mingshan Temple 1Coming soon
Xingyi Rd.Coming soon
Xingyi Rd. 13mins
Xingyi Rd. 23mins
Xingyi Rd. 33mins
Xingyi Rd. 44mins
Dunxu High School of Industry and Commerce5mins
Datong House7mins