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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Huajiang StopService ended
Renshou Village 1Service ended
Dali High SchoolService ended
Huajiang Police StationService ended
China TimesService ended
MRT Longshan Temple Sta.Service ended
Kunming St. EntranceService ended
Heping & Zhonghua IntersectionService ended
Taipei Botanical GardenService ended
Longkou MarketService ended
Quanzhou St.Service ended
Heping W. Rd. Sec. 1Service ended
Nanfu Banxi(Nanchang Park)Service ended
MRT Guting Sta.(Heping)Service ended
National Taiwan Normal U.Service ended
Nat'l Taiwan Normal U. General BuildingService ended
Wenzhou St. EntranceService ended
Daan ParkService ended
Longmen Jr. High School(Heping)Service ended
Fuxing S. Rd. EntranceService ended
National Taipei University of EducationService ended
Wolong St.Service ended
Heping and Anhe intersectionService ended
MRT LiuzhangliService ended
Fuyang St. EntranceService ended
Lizhong MarketService ended
MRT Linguang Sta.Service ended