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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Dongfang Shanhe CommunityService ended
Xiangzhang Rd. Sec. 1Service ended
Cathay General HospitalService ended
XizhiService ended
Xizhi ParkService ended
Xizhi Elementary SchoolService ended
Xike Science Park Sta. N.Service ended
Far Eastern Technology CenterService ended
Xike Science Park Sta. S.Service ended
HaotianlingService ended
United Daily NewsService ended
Zhang Shu WanService ended
South Zhang Shu River BandService ended
Tifn Liang Satellite TVService ended
HengkeService ended
MRT Nangang Exhibition Center Sta. (Nangang Rd.)Service ended
TWTC Nangang Exhibition HallService ended
NangangService ended
Nangang Vocational High School(Nangang Rd.)Service ended
Nangang Dist. Admin. CenterService ended
Taifei New VillageService ended
Nangang TireService ended
Dongming Villiage/Taipei Music CenterService ended
Tudigong TempleService ended
Yucheng Elementary SchoolService ended
Xixin Village(Xinxin Park)Service ended
Nangang Rd. Sec. 3Service ended
Songshan Brick FactoryService ended
Yucheng LiService ended
Songshan Station(Bade)Service ended
Songshan Farmers AssociationService ended
Raohe St. Night MarketService ended
Keelung Rd. EntranceService ended
Xinju VilliageService ended
Bade and Dongning IntersectionService ended
Taipei City Motor Vehicles OfficeService ended
Guangfu Rd. EntranceService ended
Meiren VilliageService ended
TTV Enterprise Co.Service ended
Civic Boulevard EntranceService ended
Dinghao MarketService ended
MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Sta.Service ended
Zhengyi Post OfficeService ended
Taipei university of Technology (MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng )Service ended
Zhongxiao Elementary SchoolService ended
Huashan Cultural and Creative Industries ParkService ended
MRT Shandao Temple Sta.Service ended
Taipei Main Sta. (Zhongxiao)Service ended
Taipei Main Sta. (Chongqing)Service ended
Chongqing S. Road Sec. 1Service ended
Taiwan Museum(Guanqian)Service ended