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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Songde StopService ended
MRT XiangshanService ended
Xinyi and Songren Rd. Intersection(Songren)Service ended
Songshou Rd. IntersectionService ended
City HallService ended
Taipei City Hall(City Hall Rd.)Service ended
Songshan High School(Songlong)Service ended
Xingya Elementary SchoolService ended
Dongxing Rd.Service ended
Dongxing Rd. 1Service ended
Nanjing Apartment(MRT Nanjing Sanmin Sta.)Service ended
Xisong Elementary SchoolService ended
Sanmin and Jiankang Intersection(Xisong High School)Service ended
SanMin Rd. EntranceService ended
Minsheng Activity CenterService ended
Lianhe Village 2Service ended
Jieshou Junior High SchoolService ended
Civil Service HousingService ended
Minsheng & Dunhua IntersectionService ended
Minsheng & Fuxing IntersectionService ended
National Taipei U. (Taipei Campus)Service ended
Hejiang St. EntranceService ended
Minsheng & Songjiang IntersectionService ended
Minquan and Songjiang IntersectionService ended
Minquan and Jilin IntersectionService ended
MRT Zhongshan Elementary School Sta.Service ended
Tatung Company (Cingguang Market)Service ended
Tatung U.Service ended
Taipei Fine Arts MuseumService ended
JiantanService ended
Mingchuan U.Service ended
Taiwan Power Company North Taipei District OfficeService ended
Chiang Kai-Shek Shilin Residence(Zhongshan)Service ended
Fulin BridgeService ended
Shilin Electric and Engineering Corp. (Zhongshan & Dexing Rd. Entrance)Service ended
Keqiang Swimming PoolService ended
Shidong Elementary SchoolService ended
LaicuoService ended
Taipei American School/ Japanese SchoolService ended
Qifu MansionService ended
Tianmu Elementary SchoolService ended
Tianyu VilliageService ended
Tianbei StopComing soon
Fude Temple(Xingyi)Coming soon
HuangxiComing soon
Mingshan TempleComing soon
Mingshan Temple 1Coming soon
Xingyi Rd.3mins
XingYi Rd. (I)4mins
XingYi Rd. (II)5mins
XingYi Rd. (III)5mins
XingYi Rd. (IV)6mins
Dunxu High School of Industry and Commerce(Xingyi)6mins
Datong House9mins
Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
Datong House10mins
Dunxu High School of Industry and Commerce(Xingyi)10mins
XingYi Rd. (IV)11mins
XingYi Rd. (III)12mins
XingYi Rd. (II)13mins
XingYi Rd. (I)13mins
Xingyi Rd.13mins
Mingshan Temple14mins
Mingshan Temple14mins
Fude Temple(Xingyi)15mins
Tianbei Stop16mins
Tianyu Villiage16mins
Tianmu Elementary School17mins
Qifu Mansion18mins
Taipei American School/ Japanese SchoolComing soon
LaicuoComing soon
Shidong Elementary SchoolComing soon
Keqiang Swimming PoolComing soon
Shilin Electric and Engineering Corp. (Zhongshan & Dexing Rd. Entrance)3mins
Dexing(Zhongshan & Zhongcheng Rd.)4mins
Fulin Bridge5mins
MRT Shilin Sta.(Zhongshan )6mins
Taiwan Power Company North Taipei District Office7mins
Mingchuan U.7mins
MRT Jiantan Sta.(Zhongshan)9mins
Minzu E. Rd. Entrance13mins
Tao Chiang Senior High School of Nursing & Home Economics14mins
Zhongshan Elementary School14mins
Minquan and Jilin Intersection16mins
MRT Xingtian Temple Sta. (Songjiang Rd.)18mins
Minsheng & Songjiang Intersection20mins
Hejiang St. Entrance20mins
National Taipei U. (Taipei Campus)21mins
Minsheng & Fuxing Intersection22mins
Minsheng & Dunhua Intersection23mins
Civil Service Housing25mins
Jieshou Junior High School26mins
Lianhe Village 227mins
Minsheng Activity Center27mins
SanMin Rd. Entrance27mins
Sanmin and Jiankang Intersection(Xisong High School)29mins
Xisong Elementary School29mins
Nanjing Apartment(MRT Nanjing Sanmin Sta.)30mins
Dongxing Rd. 131mins
Dongxing Rd.32mins
Songshan High School(Keelung Rd.)32mins
Taipei City Hall(City Hall Rd.)34mins
City Hall35mins
Songshou Rd. Entrance36mins
Xinyi and Songren Rd. Intersection(Songren)37mins
MRT Xiangshan38mins
SongDe Stop39mins