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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Taishan Sta. 1(Taishan Rd.)15mins
Leeming Institute Of TechnologyService ended
Shanjiao Bridge16mins
Taishan Jr. High School17mins
Military Police Training Center18mins
Taishan Elementary School19mins
Taishan Precinct19mins
Fu Tai Village21mins
Tailin & Rende Intersection21mins
Huanhe Rd. Entrance22mins
Tailin&New Taipei Blvd . Entrance23mins
MRT Taishan Station(Tailin Rd.)24mins
Xintai Swimming Pool26mins
Xintai Junior High School North Stop26mins
Xintai & Fuxing Intersection27mins
Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium(Ligong Village Lide Village)28mins
Xinzhuang Stadium(Ligong Village)29mins
Xinzhuang Athletic Field(Zhonghe Village)30mins
Fuxing Rd. Entrance32mins
Taipei Hospital(Fuxing Rd.)33mins
Fuxing Rd. Sec. 335mins
Huacheng Rd.37mins
Ginling Girls' High School38mins
Zhongxing St. EntranceComing soon
MRT Xianse Temple StationComing soon
Wuguwang Temple3mins
MRT Cailiao Sta.10mins
Zhongshan Arts Park11mins
Datong Rd. Intersection13mins
Guoyuan Theater14mins
Sanchong Police Station (Chongxin Rd.)16mins
MRT Minquan W. Rd. Station19mins
National Tuberculosis Association21mins
Datong Elementary School22mins
Minzu and Chengde Intersection23mins
Kulun St. Entrance25mins
Minglun High School26mins
Jiantan Elementary School28mins
Yuanshan Royal Building29mins
MRT Jiantan Sta. (Taipei Performing Arts Center)32mins
Xiaobei St.34mins
MRT Zhishan Sta. 1Coming soon
MRT Zhishan Sta. (Fuhua)5mins
Zhongshan N. Rd. Entrance (Dexing)8mins
Shiyou New Village9mins
Zhongyi New Village10mins
Dexing and Zhongcheng Intersection10mins
Lanya Junior High School12mins
Tianmu Baseball Stadium (Zhongcheng)13mins
Taipei Municipal School of Special Education14mins
Sanyu Temple17mins
Tianmu Square18mins
Tianmu New Village19mins
Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
National Training Institute of Farmers' Organizations23mins
Tianmu New Village23mins
Tianmu Square25mins
Sanyu Temple26mins
Taipei Municipal School of Special Education27mins
Tianmu Baseball Stadium (Zhongcheng)28mins
Lanya Junior High School31mins
Dexing and Zhongcheng Intersection33mins
Zhongyi New Village33mins
Shiyou New Village34mins
Zhongshan N. Rd. Entrance (Dexing)36mins
Dexing W. Rd.37mins
MRT Zhishan Sta. (Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center)40mins
MRT Zhishan Sta. 141mins
Xiaobei St.Coming soon
MRT Jiantan Sta. (Taipei Performing Arts Center)6mins
Yuanshan Royal Building9mins
Jiantan Elementary School10mins
Minglun High School13mins
Kulun St. Entrance14mins
Minzu and Chengde Intersection16mins
Datong Elementary School16mins
MinQuan-Dalong St. Entrance19mins
Sanchong Police Station (Chongxin Rd.)22mins
MRT Taipei Bridge Sta.23mins
Tiantai Square25mins
Datong Rd. IntersectionComing soon
Zhongshan Art parkComing soon
MRT Cailiao Sta.Coming soon
Wuguwang Temple7mins
MRT Xianse Temple Station10mins
Zhongxing St. Entrance10mins
Ginling Girls' High School11mins
Huacheng Rd.12mins
Fuxing Rd. Sec. 314mins
Taipei Hospital(Fuxing Rd.)16mins
Fuxing Rd. Sec. 218mins
Xinzhuang Stadium20mins
Xinzhuang Stadium21mins
Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium(Ligong Village Lide Village)23mins
Xintai & Fuxing Intersection24mins
Xintai Junior High School North Stop25mins
Xintai Swimming Pool26mins
MRT Taishan Station(Tailin Rd.)Coming soon
Tailin&New Taipei Blvd . EntranceComing soon
Huanhe Rd. EntranceComing soon
Tailin & Rende Rd. EntranceComing soon
Futai Village3mins
Taishan Precinct4mins
Taishan Elementary School5mins
Military Police Training Center6mins
Taishan Jr. High School7mins
Shanjiao Bridge8mins
Leeming Institute Of TechnologyService ended