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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
XishengService ended
The East StarService ended
XishengguanService ended
JiaqixintiandiService ended
ZhengfengService ended
Datang JiangshanService ended
Lane 403 Minan W. Rd. IntersectionService ended
Guanghua St. IntersectionService ended
Xinbao CommunityService ended
Guangming VillageService ended
Guanghua Elementary School (Minan W. Rd.)Service ended
Fulu New Village 1Service ended
Fulu New Village 2Service ended
Minan BridgeService ended
Minan Rd.Service ended
Hougang CommunityService ended
Jianfu Rd. IntersectionService ended
Jianan St. EntranceService ended
Hougang 1st. Rd.Service ended
Jianguo 1st. Rd.Service ended
MRT Fu Jen University Station(Jianguo 1st. Rd.)Service ended
MRT Fu Jen University StationService ended
Institute for the BlindService ended
Gongyuan 1st Rd.Service ended
Xintai Elementary School(Xintai Park)Service ended
Materials Testing LaboratoryService ended
Xintai Junior High School South StopService ended
Zhongping Rd.Service ended
Xinzhuang High SchoolService ended
Xinzhuang High School(Xingfu Rd.)Service ended
Zhonghe St. IntersectionService ended
ZhonggangService ended
Xingfu & Zhonghua IntersectionComing soon
Xingfu New VillageComing soon
Xingfu & Siyuan IntersectionComing soon
Xingfu E. Rd.4mins
Huacheng Rd. Entrance6mins
Touqian Li7mins
Touqian Elementary School7mins
Shandao Temple8mins
New Taipei Blvd. & Huacheng Intersection10mins
Zhongshan Rd and Zhongxing Rd Entrance11mins
New Taipei Blvd. & Zhonghua Intersection15mins
Sanchong City Office(New Taipei Blvd.)19mins
Sanchong Hospital20mins
Datong Rd. Intersection22mins
Guoyuan Theater24mins
MRT Taipei Bridge Sta.24mins
Sanchong Police Station (Chongxin Rd.)26mins
MRT Minquan W. Rd. Station29mins
National Tuberculosis Association29mins
Datong Elementary School30mins
Minzu and Chengde Intersection31mins
Kulun St. Entrance34mins
Minglun High School34mins
Jiantan Elementary School37mins
Yuanshan Royal Building38mins
Danan Rd. Entrance41mins
Shishang Rd.42mins
Shilin Admin. Center43mins
Shilin Jr. High School44mins
Shilin Elementary School45mins
Xiaobei St.47mins
Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
MRT Jiantan Sta.(Taipei Performing Arts Center)50mins
Yuanshan Royal Building53mins
Jiantan Elementary School55mins
Minglun High School56mins
Kulun St. Entrance59mins
Minzu and Chengde Intersection60mins
Datong Elementary School61mins
Minquan & Dalong Roads63mins
Sanchong Police Station (Chongxin Rd.)67mins
MRT Taipei Bridge Sta.68mins
Tiantai Square70mins
Datong Rd. Intersection71mins
Sanchong Hospital73mins
Sanchong City Office(New Taipei Blvd.)74mins
New Taipei Blvd. & Zhonghua Intersection76mins
New Taipei Blvd. & Chongguang Intersection80mins
Huacheng & New Taipei Blvd Intersection82mins
Shandao Temple83mins
Touqian Elementary School84mins
Touqian Li85mins
Huacheng Rd. Entrance85mins
Xingfu E. Rd.87mins
Xingfu & Siyuan Intersection90mins
Xingfu New Village92mins
Xingfu & Zhonghua Intersection92mins
Zhonghe St. Intersection95mins
Xinzhuang High School(Xingfu Rd.)97mins
Xinzhuang High School98mins
Zhongping Rd.100mins
Xintai & Fuxing Intersection101mins
Materials Testing Laboratory103mins
Xintai Elementary School(Xintai Park)105mins
Gongyuan 1st Rd.106mins
Institute for the Blind108mins
MRT Fu Jen University Station109mins
MRT Fu Jen University Station(Jianguo 1st. Rd.)111mins
Jianguo 1st. Rd.112mins
Hougang 1st. Rd.113mins
Jianan St. Entrance114mins
Jianfu Rd. Intersection116mins
Hougang Community117mins
Minan Rd.118mins
Minan Bridge119mins
Fulu New Village 2121mins
Fulu New Village 1122mins
Guanghua Elementary School (Minan W. Rd.)123mins
Guangming Village124mins
Xinbao Community124mins
Guanghua St. Intersection125mins
Lane 403 Minan W. Rd. Intersection126mins
Datang Jiangshan127mins
Xisheng 1128mins