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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Huazhong Riverside ParkService ended
Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable MarketService ended
Guangren Elementary SchoolService ended
Qingnian Rd. Police SubstationService ended
Qingnian Rd.Service ended
Zhongzheng New VillageService ended
Qingnian CommunityService ended
Youth Park(Qingnian)Service ended
Guosheng Public HousingService ended
Sanyuan St. EntranceService ended
Taipei Botanical GardenService ended
Jianguo High SchoolService ended
Taipei Water Dept. West District Business Office(Ningbo)Service ended
Nanchang Rd.Service ended
NanmenService ended
Taipei First Girls High School(Gongyuan)Service ended
Renai & Zhongshan IntersectionService ended
Renai and Linsen IntersectionService ended
Renai & Shaoxing IntersectionService ended
Renai & Linyi IntersectionService ended
Renai and Xinsheng IntersectionService ended
Xingan Elementary SchoolService ended
Renai & Jianguo Intersection (1)Service ended
Renai & Jianguo Intersection (2)Service ended
Renai & Fuxing Intersection(Howard Hotel)Service ended
Renai & Daan Intersection(Renai Hospital)Service ended
Renai & Dunhua Intersection(Circle)Service ended
Anhe and Dunhua IntersectionComing soon
MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Sta.3mins
Civic Boulevard Entrance4mins
Municipal gymnasiumn5mins
Taipei Arena6mins
Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital8mins
Fujin St. Entrance9mins
Minquan E. Rd. Entrance10mins
China Air Lines11mins
Minquan Park11mins
Minquan Elementary School12mins
Sanmin Elementary School12mins
Minquan BridgeComing soon
China Times Daily News SquareComing soon
Sanmin Junior High School3mins
Neihu Admin. Building3mins
National Defense Medical Center5mins
Jiangjun Ling6mins
St. Francis High School6mins
Chenggong Rd. Sec. 37mins
Huguang Market8mins
MRT Neihu Sta.9mins
XiuhuComing soon
DahuComing soon
MRT Dahu Park Sta.3mins
Dahu Park3mins
Huangshigong Temple4mins
Kangning Hospital4mins
Kangning Community5mins
MRT Huzhou Sta.(Kangning Junior College of Medical Care Management)6mins
Minghu Elementary School(PTS)7mins
Minghu Junior High School7mins
Wufen Community9mins
Donghu Elementary School10mins
Donghu Community11mins
Kangle St.12mins
Donghu Junior High School13mins
Kanghu Tunnel Entrance(Baima Shanzhuang)14mins
Zhong 3rd St. Entrance14mins
Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
Zhongsan St. EntranceService ended
Baima ShanzhuangService ended
WufenpiService ended
Donghu Junior High SchoolService ended
Kangle St.Service ended
Donghu CommunityService ended
Donghu Elementary SchoolService ended
Wufen CommunityService ended
Minghu Junior High SchoolService ended
Minghu Elementary School(PTS)Service ended
MRT Huzhou Sta.(Kangning Junior College of Medical Care Management)Service ended
Kangning HospitalService ended
Huangshigong TempleService ended
Dahu ParkService ended
MRT Dahu Park Sta.Service ended
DahuService ended
Jinlong VilliageService ended
MRT Neihu Sta.Service ended
Huguang MarketService ended
Chenggong Rd. Sec. 3Service ended
St. Francis High SchoolService ended
Jiangjun LingService ended
National Defense Medical CenterService ended
Neihu Admin. BuildingService ended
Sanmin Junior High SchoolService ended
China Times Daily News SquareComing soon
Minquan BridgeComing soon
Sanmin Elementary School4mins
Minquan Elementary School4mins
China Air Lines6mins
Minsheng & Dunhua Intersection8mins
Changchun & Dunhua Roads10mins
Taipei Arena11mins
Bade & Dunhua Intersection12mins
Civic Blvd. and Dunhua Intersection13mins
ZhongXiao & Dunhua Roads14mins
Renai and Dunhua Intersection16mins
Renai and Dunhua Intersection(Circle)16mins
Renai & Fuxing Intersection(Howard Hotel)18mins
Renai & Jianguo Intersection (1)20mins
Xingan Elementary School21mins
Renai and Xinsheng Intersection21mins
Renai & Linyi IntersectionComing soon
Renai & Hangzhou IntersectionComing soon
Renai and Linsen IntersectionComing soon
Renai & Zhongshan Intersection3mins
Taipei First Girls High School(Gongyuan)5mins
Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of University of Taipei6mins
Jianguo High School (National Museum of History)9mins
Sanyuan St. Entrance9mins
Guosheng Public Housing10mins
Youth Park(Qingnian)11mins
Qingnian Community11mins
Zhongzheng New Village12mins
Qingnian Rd.12mins
Qingnian Rd. Police Substation13mins
Guangren Elementary School13mins
Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market15mins
Huazhong Riverside Park16mins