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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Donghu StopService ended
Zhongsan St.Service ended
Kanghu Tunnel(White Horse Villa)Service ended
WufenpiService ended
Donghu Junior High SchoolService ended
Kangle St.Service ended
Donghu CommunityService ended
Donghu Elementary SchoolService ended
Wufen CommunityService ended
Minghu Junior High SchoolService ended
Minghu Elementary School(PTS)Service ended
MRT Huzhou Sta.(Kangning Junior College of Medical Care Management)Service ended
Jinhu Rd. EntranceService ended
Health Service Training CenterService ended
Ziyun VillageService ended
Kangning AIT CommunityService ended
Neihu New VillageService ended
Jingzhi New VillageService ended
Xingyun St.Service ended
Neihu Jr. High SchoolService ended
ZiyangService ended
Ruiyang Park No. 3Service ended
Ruiguang Rd.Service ended
Neihu Sports CenterService ended
MRT Gangqian Station(Neihu Vocational High School)Service ended
Lishan Jr. High SchoolService ended
Lishan St.Service ended
Shude High School of Commerce and Home EconomicsService ended
MRT Xihu StationService ended
Zhipan New VillageService ended
Wenhu Elementary SchoolService ended
MiramarService ended
MRT Jiannan Rd. StationService ended
Zihqiang TunnelService ended
Zhifu TempleService ended
MRT DazhiService ended
Dazhi High SchoolService ended
Air Force Command HeadquartersService ended
Martyr ShrineService ended
Radio Taiwan InternationalService ended
Grand HotelService ended
JiantanService ended
MRT Jiantan Sta.(Zhongshan)Service ended