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Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
City Fire Department(Songren)Service ended
Xingya Junior High SchoolService ended
Xinyi and Songren Rd. Intersection(Songren)Service ended
Bojia Elementary SchoolService ended
MRT MuzhaService ended
Muzha Vocational High SchoolService ended
Wanfang Rd. EntranceService ended
Muzha Elementary SchoolService ended
Huaxia Village 6Service ended
Jiukang St. EntranceService ended
Wenshan Police Sta. 1Service ended
Zaixing High SchoolService ended
Zhongxing ApartmentService ended
Yongjian Elementary SchoolService ended
GouzikouService ended
Examination YuanService ended
Fuxing Police SubstationService ended
Shunan St.Service ended
MRT Dapinglin Sta.(Minquan Rd.)Service ended
Zhongxing Rd. Sec. 3Service ended
Baozhong Rd. EntranceService ended
Baoqiao Rd. EntranceService ended
Baoxing Rd. EntranceService ended
Zhongxing Rd. Sec. 2Service ended
Zhongxing&Zhongzheng Rd. EntranceService ended
Wufeng Junior High SchoolService ended
Zhongxing Rd. Sec. 1Service ended
Old Postal HallService ended
XindianService ended
BitanService ended
Wenshan Junior High SchoolService ended
Xindian Elementary SchoolService ended
Qingtan1Service ended
Nanqing TempleService ended
Qingtan( Beiyi Rd.)Service ended
Training Center of Land BankService ended
Qingtan New VillageService ended
Qingtan Elementary SchoolService ended
Qingtan Elementary School(1)Service ended
Youzheng BridgeService ended
Qingtan Maintenance PlantService ended
DaqijiaoService ended
Zhongshen BridgeService ended