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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Shiding Senior High SchoolService ended
BafenliaoService ended
Beichen & Songbo IntersectionService ended
Qiaoxin New VillageService ended
TukuService ended
LaizhongkengService ended
Cuigu ShanzhuangService ended
Shenmei BridgeService ended
CaoditouService ended
Transformer Sta.Service ended
Shenkeng Elementary SchoolService ended
Shenkeng Township OfficeService ended
ShenkengService ended
Shenkeng Post OfficeService ended
Taixin FactoryService ended
Tungnan U.Service ended
WanshunliaoService ended
CaodiweiService ended
Fude LiService ended
Wenhe BridgeService ended
FudeService ended
XiangtoupuService ended
Wanfu BridgeService ended
ShibikengService ended
FengdongshiService ended
Bojia Elementary SchoolService ended
MRT MuzhaService ended
Muzha Vocational High SchoolService ended
Wanfang Rd. EntranceService ended
Wanshou Qiaotou(Muzha)Service ended
Wenshan Dist. Admin. CenterService ended
MuzhaService ended
Wenshan Police Sta. 1Service ended
Zaixing High SchoolService ended
Zhongxing ApartmentService ended
Yongjian Elementary SchoolService ended
GouzikouService ended
Examination YuanService ended
Fuxing Police SubstationService ended
Shih Hsin UniversityService ended
Jingmei Elementary School(Jingwen)Service ended
Wenshan Police Sta. 2Coming soon
Ministry of Finance ParkComing soon
WanlongComing soon
MRT Wanlong3mins
Wugong Elementary School(Roosevelt)3mins
National Taiwan Normal University Branch5mins
MRT Gongguan Sta.7mins
Taipower Building9mins
MRT Taipower Building Sta.10mins
Roosevelt and Pucheng Intersection11mins
Roosevelt and hfu Kinmen Lukou11mins
MRT Guting Sta.(Roosevelt)13mins
Roosevelt and Chaozhou Intersection14mins
MRT Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Sta. (Roosevelt 1)14mins
University of Taipei17mins
Taipei Dist. Court18mins
Xiaonan Gate (Heping Hospital)18mins
MRT Ximen Sta.22mins
Zhonghua Rd. N. Stop22mins
MRT Beimen Station25mins
Nanjing W. Rd. Entrance(Tacheng)26mins
Yanping Stop 127mins
Taipei Circle27mins
Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
Zhongxing Hospital(Tacheng)32mins
MRT Beimen Station33mins
Zhonghua Rd. N. Stop36mins
MRT Ximen Sta.37mins
Xiaonan Gate (Heping Hospital)40mins
MRT Xiaonan Gate41mins
MRT Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Sta. (Bureau of Labor Insurance)44mins
Roosevelt and Chaozhou Intersection45mins
MRT Guting Sta.(Roosevelt)46mins
Roosevelt and hfu Kinmen Lukou47mins
Roosevelt and Pucheng Intersection48mins
MRT Taipower Building Sta.49mins
Taipower Building50mins
MRT Gongguan Sta.52mins
National Taiwan Normal University Branch54mins
Wugong Elementary School(Roosevelt)Coming soon
MRT WanlongComing soon
WanlongComing soon
Ministry of Finance Park4mins
Jingmei Junior High School7mins
Jingmei Elementary School(Jingxing)9mins
Shih Hsin University11mins
Fuxing Police Substation13mins
Examination Yuan14mins
Yongjian Elementary School16mins
Zhongxing Apartment17mins
Zaixing High School18mins
Wenshan Police Sta. 119mins
Wenshan Dist. Admin. Center22mins
Wanshou Qiaotou(Muzha)23mins
Wanfang Rd. Entrance23mins
Muzha Vocational High School24mins
MRT Muzha24mins
Bojia Elementary School26mins
Wanfu Bridge27mins
Wenhe Bridge30mins
Fude Li31mins
Tungnan U.33mins
Taixin FactoryComing soon
Shenkeng Post OfficeComing soon
ShenkengComing soon
Shenkeng Township OfficeComing soon
Shenkeng Elementary SchoolComing soon
Transformer Sta.3mins
Shenmei Bridge5mins
Cuigu Shanzhuang6mins
Qiaoxin New Village8mins
Beishen & Songbo Intersection8mins
Shiding Senior High School10mins