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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Dongfang Shanhe CommunityService ended
Xiangzhang Rd. Sec. 1Service ended
Chongyi Senior High School(Zhongxiao E. Rd.)Service ended
QiaodongService ended
Modern Family CommunityService ended
Xizhi Rail StationService ended
Xioufong High School(Zhongxiao E. Rd.)Service ended
Xizhi Admin. CenterService ended
XiZhi Farmers AssociationService ended
Lianxing St. EntranceService ended
Oriental Science ParkService ended
Far East World CenterService ended
Ocean CommunityService ended
HengkeService ended
MRT Nangang Exhibition Center Sta. (Nangang Rd.)Service ended
MRT Nangang Exhibition Center Sta. (Jingmao 2)Service ended
Huandong Blvd. IntersectionService ended
Nanjing & Jiuzong IntersectionService ended
MacArthur No.1 bridgeService ended
Nanjing Apartment(MRT Nanjing Sanmin)Service ended
Nanjing & Sanmin IntersectionService ended
Nanjing & Ningan IntersectionService ended
Nanjing & Dunhua Intersection(Taipei Arena)Service ended
MRT Nanjing Fuxing StationService ended
Nanjing & Longjiang IntersectionService ended
Nanjing & Jianguo IntersectionService ended
MRT Songjiang Nanjing Sta.Service ended
Changan & Songjiang RoadsService ended
Guanghua MarketService ended
MRT Zhongxiao XinshengService ended
Renai and Xinsheng IntersectionService ended
Xinyi & Xinsheng IntersectionService ended
Jinhua and Xinsheng IntersectionService ended
Heping and Xinsheng IntersectionService ended
Longan Elementary School (Civil Service Development Institute)Service ended
NTU Sports CenterService ended
National Taiwan U.Service ended
MRT Gongguan StationService ended
National Taiwan Normal University BranchService ended