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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Amusement ParkService ended
XiazhuweiService ended
Tudigong TempleService ended
BaliService ended
JiouCheng VillageService ended
Bali District Farmers' AssociationService ended
Bali Service Sta.Service ended
Bali Elementary SchoolService ended
Broadcasting Corporation of ChinaService ended
ShanhaiguanService ended
Bali District Administration Center(Shisanhung Museum)Service ended
TianxinService ended
GongtianService ended
Pitou VillageService ended
WaziweiService ended
DazhuweiService ended
Dakan Elementary SchoolService ended
Senior Citizens HomeService ended
Dakan VillageService ended
Yitian TempleService ended
XimenService ended
Xiajie ZaiService ended
Ferryboats DockService ended
Shuiyun ShanzhuangService ended
Micang VillageService ended
Guanyin Rd. EntranceService ended
Micang Elementary SchoolService ended
Micang Elementary School 1Service ended
Shengxin VillaService ended
WushantouService ended
ZhangcuoService ended
Sacred Heart Girls High SchoolService ended
LongxingService ended
Dafu CommunityService ended
Mengjia BridgeService ended
Mengjia BridgeService ended
Guandu BridgeService ended
Guandu Elementary School(Taipei Chengshih University of Science & Technology)4mins
Yide St. Entrance5mins
Hexin Hospital6mins
MRT Zhongyi7mins
Zhongyang N. Rd.8mins
Taoyuan Jr. High School8mins
Zhongyang N. Rd. Sec. 39mins
MRT Fuxinggang10mins
Movie Studio11mins
Wenhua Elementary School14mins
Daye & Zhongyang N. Rd. Enterance15mins
Beitou Elementary School17mins
Zhongyang S. Rd.17mins
Zhongyang S. & Daxing St. Entrance18mins
Cihou Temple19mins
MRT Qiyan(Beitou)20mins
MRT Qilian 2(Xi’an)22mins
MRT Qilian Sta. 123mins
Jianxing New Village(Xi’an)23mins
Shipai Junior High School25mins
Shipai Elementary School27mins
Shipai Rd.28mins
Lixian Rd. Entrance31mins
Beitou Incinerator Compensatory Facilities32mins
Puji Temple36mins
Shezi Elementary School 237mins
Shezi Elementary School38mins
Yonoglun Villiage (south)38mins
Shezi Police Substation39mins
Shezi Market 240mins
Shezheng Rd.41mins
Cathay Life Insurance Building42mins
Shezi Park43mins
Yongping St. Entrance44mins
Yonglun Li44mins
Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
Yonglun Li46mins
Zhoumei BridgeComing soon
Beitou Incinerator Compensatory Facilities4mins
Lixian Rd. Entrance4mins
Shipai Rd.8mins
Shipai Elementary School9mins
Yili St. Entrance11mins
Jianxing New Village(Donghua)13mins
MRT Qilian 114mins
MRT Qilian 214mins
MRT Qiyan(Beitou)17mins
MRT Beitou Sta.(Daxing)19mins
Zhongyang S. Rd.21mins
Beitou Elementary School21mins
Daye & Zhongyang N. Rd. Enterance23mins
Wenhua Elementary School24mins
Movie Studio26mins
MRT Fuxinggang27mins
Zhongyang N. Rd. Sec. 328mins
Taoyuan Jr. High School29mins
Zhongyang N. Rd.29mins
MRT Zhongyi30mins
Hexin Hospital31mins
Yide St. Entrance32mins
Guandu Elementary School(Taipei Chengshih University of Science & Technology)33mins
Guandu Bridge38mins
Mengjia Bridge39mins
Dafu Community40mins
Sacred Heart Girls High School41mins
Shengxin Villa43mins
Micang Elementary School I43mins
Micang Elementary School44mins
Guanyin Rd. Entrance44mins
Micang Village45mins
Shuiyun Shanzhuang46mins
Ferryboats' Dock46mins
Xiajie Zai47mins
Yitian Temple48mins
Dakan Village49mins
Senior Citizens Home49mins
Dakan Elementary School50mins
Pitou Village52mins
GongtianComing soon
TianxinComing soon
Bali District Administration Center(Shisanhung Museum)Coming soon
ShanhaiguanComing soon
Broadcasting Corporation of ChinaComing soon
Bali Elementary School3mins
Bali Service Sta.3mins
Bali District Farmers' Association4mins
JiouCheng Village4mins
Tudigong Temple6mins
Baxian Bridge7mins
Amusement Park7mins
Pali station9mins