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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Wugu Sta.Service ended
Ming Ri Shi JieService ended
Deyin Elementary SchoolService ended
Far Eastern Logistic Co.Service ended
Dake BridgeService ended
Mingzhi and Heping IntersectionService ended
Taishan Post OfficeService ended
XiataishanyanService ended
Taishan Dist. OfficeService ended
Taishan High SchoolService ended
Tongrong VillageService ended
Yixue VillageService ended
Wencheng Rd. EntranceService ended
Mingzhi VillageService ended
Mingzhi Elementary SchoolService ended
TaishanyanService ended
Mingchi U. of TechnologyService ended
Hongtai New VillageService ended
XiapojiaoService ended
MRT Taishan Guihe Station(Mingzhi Rd.)Service ended
Danfeng 1Service ended
MRT DanfengComing soon
MRT Fu Jen University Station5mins
Institute for the Blind6mins
Haishan Village7mins
Xintai Rd. Intersection9mins
MRT Xinzhuang Sta.(Xinzhuang Post Office)9mins
Xinzhuang Elementary School13mins
Baoyuan Temple13mins
MRT Touqianzhuang Station15mins
Ginling Girls' High School17mins
Zhongxing St. Entrance17mins
MRT Xianse Temple Station19mins
Wuguwang Temple20mins
Chongxin Bridge22mins
Ximen Elementary School(Nat'l Taiwan U. Hospital Bei-hu Branch)26mins
National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences27mins
Neijiang St.27mins
Ximen Market(Hanzhong)28mins
Soochow U. Downtown Campus32mins
Taipei First Girls High School(Guiyang)35mins
C.K.S. Memorial Hall37mins
Xinyi & Hangzhou Intersection38mins
MRT Dongmen Sta.40mins
Xinyi & Yongkang Intersection(MRT Dongmen Sta.)41mins
Xinyi & Xinsheng Intersection42mins
MRT Daan Park Sta.44mins
XinYi & JianGuo Intersection45mins
MRT Daan Sta.(XinYi)47mins
XinYi & DaAn Intersection48mins
Xinyi & Dunhua Intersection49mins
MRT Xinyi Anhe Sta.(XinYi)50mins
XinYi-TongHua Intersection52mins
XinYi & GuangFu Intersection53mins
Wuxing St. Entrance57mins
Sanxing Elementary School(Linjiang St. Night Market)58mins
George Vocational High School of Taipei59mins
MRT Liuzhangli Sta.(Heping)63mins
Fuyang St. Entrance64mins
Lizhong Market65mins
MRT Linguang Sta.66mins
Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
Lizhong Market81mins
Fuyang St. Entrance82mins
MRT Liuzhangli Sta.(Heping)82mins
George Vocational High School of Taipei86mins
Sanxing Elementary School(Linjiang St. Night Market)88mins
Wuxing St. Entrance89mins
Wuxing Elementary School(Keelung Rd.)92mins
XinYi & GuangFu Intersection97mins
XinYi-TongHua Intersection98mins
MRT Xinyi Anhe Sta.(XinYi)99mins
Xinyi & Dunhua Intersection100mins
XinYi & DaAn Intersection102mins
MRT Daan Sta.(XinYi)103mins
XinYi & JianGuo Intersection106mins
MRT Daan Park Sta.107mins
XinYi & Xinsheng Intersection108mins
XinYi-YongKang Intersection109mins
MRT Dongmen Sta.110mins
Xinyi & Hangzhou Intersection112mins
C.K.S. Memorial Hall113mins
Taipei First Girls High School(Guiyang)118mins
Soochow U. Downtown Campus120mins
Ximen Market(Chengdu)124mins
Ximen Elementary School127mins
Chongxin Bridge131mins
Wuguwang Temple134mins
MRT Xianse Temple Station135mins
Zhongxing St. Entrance136mins
Ginling Girls' High School136mins
MRT Touqianzhuang Station138mins
Dazhong Temple141mins
MRT Xinzhuang Sta.(Xinzhuang Post Office)144mins
Xintai Rd. Intersection145mins
Haishan Village145mins
Institute for the Blind148mins
MRT Fu Jen University Station150mins
MRT Danfeng Sta.154mins
Danfeng 1155mins
MRT Taishan Guihe Station(Mingzhi Rd.)157mins
Hongtai New Village158mins
Mingchi University of Technology159mins
Mingzhi Elementary School162mins
Mingzhi Village163mins
Wencheng Rd. Entrance164mins
Yixue Village164mins
Tongrong Village166mins
Taishan High School167mins
Taishan Rural Township Hall168mins
Taishan Post Office170mins
Mingzhi and Heping Intersection171mins
Dake Bridge172mins
Far Eastern Logistic Co.173mins
Deyin Elementary School174mins
Ming Ri Shi Jie175mins
Wugu Sta.176mins