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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Jinxiu Rd. IntersectionService ended
BiyaoService ended
Rixing Civic activity centerService ended
SanchengService ended
Jianye Rd.Service ended
ErchengService ended
Central Engraving & Printing PlantService ended
Zhongyang New VillageService ended
TouchengService ended
TouCheng (I)Service ended
DamaopuService ended
Kangle New VillageService ended
Jen-Kang HospitalService ended
YirenkengService ended
Ankang Chezi Rd. IntersectionService ended
Taipei Tobacco FactoryService ended
LangmanguizuService ended
Gonglun New Village(Feng Rong Hospital)Service ended
Ankang Police SubstationService ended
Guanghua New Village(AnHe Rd.)Service ended
Chi Jen High SchoolService ended
ShisifenService ended
Guanghua St. IntersectionService ended
Chaicheng LiService ended
ShitoucuoService ended
Anhe Rd. Sec. 2Service ended
Yangguang Park (Xindian Flower Market)Service ended
Heping High SchoolService ended
Dunhua and Heping intersectionService ended
Chenggong Public HousingService ended
Daan Junior High SchoolService ended
Xinyi & Dunhua IntersectionService ended
Renai Junior High SchoolService ended
Anhe and Dunhua IntersectionService ended
MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Sta.Service ended
Civic Boulevard EntranceService ended
Municipal gymnasiumnService ended
Nanjing & Dunhua Intersection(Taipei Arena)Service ended
Chang-Gung Memorial HospitalService ended
Civil Service HousingService ended
Jieshou Junior High SchoolService ended
Lianhe Village 2Service ended
Minsheng Activity CenterService ended
Guanghe New VillageService ended
Sanmin Elementary SchoolService ended
Xinyi VilliageService ended