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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
MRT KunyangService ended
Nangang DepotService ended
MRT Nangang Sta.Service ended
Engineering Production and Logistics CenterService ended
National Civil Service InstituteService ended
Nangang Exhibition HallService ended
MRT Nangang Software Park Sta.Service ended
MRT Donghu Sta. (Nanhu High School)Service ended
Wufen CommunityService ended
Donghu Elementary SchoolService ended
Donghu CommunityService ended
Kangle St.Service ended
Donghu Junior High SchoolService ended
WufenpiService ended
Kanghu Tunnel Entrance(Baima Shanzhuang)Service ended
Antai BridgeService ended
Dahu ParkService ended
MRT Dahu Park Sta.Service ended