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::: Chongqing Metro Bus

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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
MRT Shipai Sta.(Xi’an)Bus at depot
MRT Shipai Sta.(Donghua)Bus at depot
General MarketBus at depot
Yongming Police StationComing soon
Veterans General HospitalComing soon
Rongguan New Village(Eastern District of V.G.H.)3mins
Yongxin Villiage4mins
Fude Temple(Shipai)Coming soon
Tianbei StopComing soon
Tianyu VilliageComing soon
Tianmu Elementary School3mins
chifu china5mins
Tianmu Square6mins
Tianmu New Village8mins
National Training Institute of Farmers' OrganizationsComing soon
Tianmu New VillageComing soon
Tianmu SquareComing soon
chifu china4mins
Tianmu Elementary School5mins
Tianyu Villiage7mins
Tianbei Stop7mins
Fude Temple(Shipai)9mins
Yongxin Villiage10mins
Rongguan New Village(Eastern District of V.G.H.)Coming soon
Taipei Veterans General Hospital (I)Coming soon
Veterans General Hospital3mins
Yongming Police Substation4mins
General Market5mins
Shipai Elementary SchoolComing soon
Shipai Rd.4mins
Wenlin Elementary School8mins
Zhongzheng High School9mins
MRT Zhishan Sta.(Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center)10mins
MRT Zhishan Sta. 112mins
ShilinComing soon
Shilin Jr. High School4mins
Shilin Admin. Center6mins
Yangming High School8mins
Hudong & Chongqing RoadsComing soon
Shilin Small Claims CourtComing soon
Taipei School for the Hearing Impaired4mins
Jiuquan and Chongqing Intersection4mins
Minzu and Chongqing Intersection6mins
ChangJi-ChongQing IntersectionComing soon
MRT Daqiaotou Sta.Coming soon
Liangzhou and Chongqing Intersection4mins
Minsheng and Chongqing IntersectionComing soon
Zhaoyang Park(Button St.)3mins
Taipei Circle(Chongqing)5mins
Old Taipei Railway Sta.6mins
Taipei Main Sta (Chongqing)9mins
Taipei Post Office (Futai Street Mansion)11mins
Zhonghua Rd. N. StopComing soon
MRT Ximen Sta.Coming soon
XiaonanmenComing soon
Longshan Junior High School4mins
Wanhua Station7mins
Juguang Rd. Intersection9mins
Wanda Rd.11mins
Xizang Rd. EntranceComing soon
Dechang St. EntranceComing soon
Wanda Elementary School3mins
Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market4mins
Huazhong Riverside Park5mins