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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Xindian StationService ended
Anxiang Rd. EntranceService ended
DamaopuService ended
Kangle New VillageService ended
Jen-Kang HospitalService ended
YirenkengService ended
Ankang Chezi Rd. IntersectionService ended
Taipei Tobacco FactoryService ended
LangmanguizuService ended
Gonglun New Village(Feng Rong Hospital)Service ended
Ankang Police SubstationService ended
Guanghua New Village(Ankang Rd.)Service ended
Anwar Rd. EntranceService ended
Xiacheng CommunityService ended
The HU-LIAN House Memorial HallService ended
DingchengService ended
DapingdingService ended
XitouService ended
MRT Xindian Sta.(Xindian Rd.)Bus at depot
Bitan BridgeBus at depot
Binlang Rd.Bus at depot
MRT Xindian City Hall Sta.(Beixin)Bus at depot
Qizhang(Beixin Rd.)Coming soon
MRT Qizhang Sta.4mins
Xindian Post Office5mins
BaoQiang Rd. Entrance5mins
Baoqiao Rd. Entrance8mins
Baoqiao and Zhongxing Intersection 18mins
Gas Sta.10mins
Electronics Co.10mins
Jingmei Girls High School12mins
Muxin MarketComing soon
Lixing Elementary SchoolComing soon
Guotai New Village(Muxin)3mins
Zhongshun Temple4mins
Sifa New Village5mins
Jingwen High School6mins
Munan Park7mins
Zhinan Rd. Entrance7mins
National Chengchi U.9mins
National Chengchi U. 110mins
Wanxing Library10mins
Tacheng High School11mins
Wanshou Qiaotou12mins
Wanshou Qiaotou(Xinguang)13mins
Maokong Gondola Taipei Zoo Station14mins
MRT Taipei Zoo Sta.15mins
FengdongshiComing soon
Xinyi Dist. Admin. Center(Xinyi)6mins
MRT Taipei 101/World Trade Center Sta.(City Hall Rd.)Coming soon
Taipei City Hall(City Hall Rd.)Coming soon
MRT Taipei City Hall Sta.7mins
MRT Taipei City Hall Sta.7mins