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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Jinxiu Rd. IntersectionService ended
BiyaoService ended
Rixing Civic activity centerService ended
SanchengService ended
Jianye Rd.Service ended
ErchengService ended
Central Engraving & Printing PlantService ended
Zhongyang New VillageService ended
TouchengService ended
Toucheng 1Service ended
DamaopuService ended
Kangle New VillageService ended
Jen-Kang HospitalService ended
YirenkengService ended
Ankang Chezi Rd. IntersectionService ended
Taipei Tobacco FactoryService ended
LangmanguizuService ended
Gonglun New Village(Feng Rong Hospital)Service ended
Ankang Police SubstationService ended
Guanghua New Village(Ankang Rd.)Service ended
Anwar Rd. EntranceService ended
Xiacheng CommunityService ended
The HU-LIAN House Memorial HallService ended
DingchengService ended
DapingdingService ended
XitouService ended
Bitan BridgeService ended
BinLang Rd.Service ended
MRT Xindian City Hall Sta.(Beixin)Service ended
Zhongzheng Rd. IntersectionService ended
Chongguang High SchoolService ended
Zhongzheng Public HousingService ended
Cardinal Tien Hospital(Zhongzheng Rd.)Service ended
Ershizhang Rd. EntranceService ended
Ershizhang Rd.Service ended
HuakaifuguiService ended
Far East Industrial CityService ended
Zhuangjing High SchoolService ended
Zhongzheng and Huanhe IntersectionService ended
MRT LiuzhangliService ended
George Vocational High School of TaipeiService ended
Sanxing Elementary School(Linjiang St. Night Market)Service ended
Wuxing St. EntranceService ended
Jihu StopService ended
Jihu Rd. EntranceService ended
Renbao Bldg.Service ended
Ruiguang & Gangqian IntersectionService ended
Ruiguang Rd.Service ended
GongguanshanService ended
Libao BuildingService ended
China Times Daily News SquareService ended
Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
China Times Daily News SquareBus at depot
Libao BuildingBus at depot
GongguanshanBus at depot
Ruiguang Rd.Bus at depot
Ruiguang &Gangqian RoadsBus at depot
Renbao Bldg.Bus at depot
Jihu Rd. EntranceBus at depot
Jihu StopBus at depot
Wuxing St. EntranceBus at depot
Sanxing Elementary School(Linjiang St. Night Market)Bus at depot
George Vocational High School of TaipeiBus at depot
MRT Liuchang Li StationBus at depot
Zhongzheng and Huanhe IntersectionBus at depot
Zhuangjing High SchoolBus at depot
Far East Industrial CityBus at depot
HuakaifuguiBus at depot
Ershizhang Rd. EntranceBus at depot
Ershizhang Rd. EntranceBus at depot
Cardinal Tien Hospital(Zhongzheng Rd.)Bus at depot
Zhongzheng Public HousingBus at depot
Chongguang High SchoolBus at depot
Zhongzheng Rd. IntersectionBus at depot
MRT Xindian City Hall Sta.Bus at depot
BinLang Rd.Bus at depot
Bitan BridgeBus at depot
XitouBus at depot
DapingdingBus at depot
DingchengBus at depot
The HU-LIAN House Memorial HallBus at depot
Xiacheng CommunityBus at depot
Anwar Rd. EntranceBus at depot
Guanghua New Village(Ankang Rd.)Bus at depot
Ankang Police SubstationBus at depot
Gonglun New Village(Feng Rong Hospital)Bus at depot
LangmanguizuBus at depot
Taipei Tobacco FactoryBus at depot
Ankang Chezi Rd. IntersectionBus at depot
YirenkengBus at depot
Jen-Kang HospitalBus at depot
Kangle New VillageBus at depot
DamaopuBus at depot
Toucheng 1Bus at depot
TouchengBus at depot
Central Engraving & Printing PlantBus at depot
ErchengBus at depot
Jianye Rd.Bus at depot
SanchengBus at depot
Rixing Civic activity centerBus at depot
BiyaoBus at depot
Jinxiu StopBus at depot