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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
TianmuService ended
National Training Institute of Farmers' OrganizationsService ended
Tianmu New VillageService ended
Tianmu SquareService ended
Qixian MansionService ended
Veterans General Hospital IService ended
Veterans General HospitalService ended
Yongming Police SubstationService ended
General MarketService ended
Shipai Elementary SchoolService ended
Shipai Rd.Service ended
ShipaiService ended
Wenlin Elementary SchoolService ended
Zhongzheng High SchoolService ended
MRT Zhishan Sta.(Wenlin)Service ended
MRT Zhishan Sta. 1Service ended
ShilinService ended
MRT Shilin Sta.(Zhongzheng)Service ended
Fulin Elementary SchoolService ended
Chiang Kai-Shek Shilin Residence(Zhongzheng)Service ended
Taibei High SchoolService ended
Jihu StopService ended
Jihu Rd. EntranceService ended
Renbao Bldg.Service ended
Ruiguang & Gangqian IntersectionService ended
Ruiguang Rd.Service ended
GongguanshanService ended
Libao BuildingService ended
China Times Daily News SquareService ended
Minquan BridgeService ended
Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
Minquan BridgeBus at depot
China Times Daily News SquareBus at depot
Libao BuildingBus at depot
GongguanshanBus at depot
Ruiguang Rd.Bus at depot
Ruiguang &Gangqian RoadsBus at depot
Renbao Bldg.Bus at depot
Jihu Rd. EntranceBus at depot
Jihu StopBus at depot
Dazhi Gas Sta.Bus at depot
Taibei High SchoolBus at depot
Chiang Kai-Shek Shilin Residence(Zhongzheng)Bus at depot
Fulin Elementary SchoolBus at depot
MRT Shilin Sta.(Zhongzheng)Bus at depot
ShilinBus at depot
MRT Zhishan Sta. 1Bus at depot
MRT Zhishan Sta.(Wenlin)Bus at depot
Zhongzheng High SchoolBus at depot
Wenlin Elementary SchoolBus at depot
ShipaiBus at depot
Shipai Rd.Bus at depot
Shipai Elementary SchoolBus at depot
General MarketBus at depot
Yongming Police SubstationBus at depot
Veterans General HospitalBus at depot
Qixian MansionBus at depot
Tianmu SquareBus at depot
Tianmu New VillageBus at depot
TianmuBus at depot