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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Motian CommunityService ended
Asia Pacific Technology ParkService ended
BaochangkengService ended
Baoan LiService ended
Changan LiService ended
Chongyi Senior High SchoolService ended
Chongyi Senior High School(Zhongxiao E. Rd.)Service ended
QiaodongService ended
Modern Family CommunityService ended
Xizhi Rail Sta.Service ended
Xioufong High School(Zhongxiao E. Rd.)Service ended
Xizhi Admin. CenterService ended
XiZhi Farmers AssociationService ended
Far Eastern Technology CenterService ended
Xike Science Park Sta. S.Service ended
HaotianlingService ended
United Daily NewsService ended
Zhang Shu WanService ended
South Zhang Shu River BandService ended
Tifn Liang Satellite TVService ended
HengkeService ended
MRT Nangang Exhibition Center Sta.Service ended
TWTC Nangang Exhibition HallService ended
Nangang Software Park S.Service ended
Nangang Software Park N.Service ended
Xinhu 1st. Rd. EntranceService ended
Xinhu and Jiuzong IntersectionService ended
Unitech BuildingService ended
Libao BuildingService ended
GongguanshanService ended
Ruiguang Rd.Service ended
Ruiguang &Gangqian RoadsService ended
Renbao Bldg.Service ended
Jihu Rd. EntranceService ended
Jihu StopService ended
Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
Jihu StopBus at depot
Jihu Rd. EntranceBus at depot
Renbao Bldg.Bus at depot
Ruiguang & Gangqian IntersectionBus at depot
Ruiguang Rd.Bus at depot
GongguanshanBus at depot
Libao BuildingBus at depot
Unitech BuildingBus at depot
SoutheastBusParkingLotBus at depot
Xinhu 1st. Rd. EntranceBus at depot
Nangang Software Park N.Bus at depot
Nangang Software Park S.Bus at depot
MRT Nangang Exhibition Center Sta.Bus at depot
HengkeBus at depot
Fusin HotelBus at depot
South Zhang Shu River BandBus at depot
Zhang Shu WanBus at depot
United Daily NewsBus at depot
HaotianlingBus at depot
Xike Science Park Sta. S.Bus at depot
Xike Science Park Sta. N.Bus at depot
Lianxing St. EntranceBus at depot
XiZhi Farmers AssociationBus at depot
Xizhi Admin. CenterBus at depot
Xioufong High School(Zhongxiao E. Rd.)Bus at depot
Xizhi Rail Sta.Bus at depot
Modern Family CommunityBus at depot
QiaodongBus at depot
Chongyi Senior High School(Zhongxiao E. Rd.)Bus at depot
Chongyi Senior High SchoolBus at depot
Changan LiBus at depot
Baoan LiBus at depot
BaochangkengBus at depot
Asia Pacific Technology ParkBus at depot