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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Guizikeng Soil and Water Conservation ParkService ended
Xiushan Rd.Service ended
Cihang TempleService ended
Guotai New VillageService ended
Zhonghe LiService ended
Fuxing High SchoolService ended
Zhonghe St.Service ended
XinbeitouService ended
Beitou ParkService ended
First Commercial BankService ended
Zhongyang S. Rd.Service ended
Zhongyang S. & Daxing St. EntranceService ended
Cihou TempleService ended
MRT QiyanService ended
Daye Rd.(Nungchan monastery)Service ended
Chengde and Gongguan IntresectionService ended
Linong Elementary SchoolService ended
Shijian St. EntranceService ended
Chengde Rd. Sec. 7Service ended
ShipaiService ended
Wenlin Elementary SchoolService ended
Zhongzheng High SchoolService ended
MRT Zhishan Sta.(Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center)Service ended
MRT Zhishan Sta. 1Service ended
ShilinService ended
Xiaobei St.Service ended
MRT Jiantan Sta.(Taipei Performing Arts Center)Service ended
JiantanService ended
Grand HotelService ended
Radio Taiwan InternationalService ended
Martyr ShrineService ended
CHING-KUO Chihai Cultural ParkService ended
Air Force Command HeadquartersService ended
Dazhi High SchoolService ended
Dazhi Elementary SchoolService ended
MRT Dazhi StationService ended
Zhifu TempleService ended
Zihqiang Tunnel(Dazhi Church)Service ended
Zihqiang TunnelService ended
MRT Jiannan Rd. StationService ended
MiramarService ended
Park St.Service ended
Nangang Software Park (Gate 1)Service ended