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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
TianmuService ended
National Training Institute of Farmers' OrganizationsService ended
Tianmu New VillageService ended
Tianmu SquareService ended
Qixian MansionService ended
Veterans General Hospital IService ended
Veterans General HospitalService ended
Yongming Police SubstationService ended
General MarketService ended
Shipai Elementary SchoolService ended
Shipai Rd.Service ended
ShipaiService ended
Wenlin Elementary SchoolService ended
Zhongzheng High SchoolService ended
MRT Zhishan Sta.(Fuguo)Service ended
Fulin BridgeService ended
MRT Shilin Sta.(Zhongshan )Service ended
Taiwan Power Company North Taipei District OfficeService ended
Mingchuan U.Service ended
MRT Jiantan Sta.(Zhongshan)Service ended
JiantanService ended
Grand HotelService ended
Radio Taiwan InternationalService ended
Martyr ShrineService ended
Chihai Cultural ParkService ended
Air Force Command HeadquartersService ended
Dazhi High SchoolService ended
Dazhi Elementary SchoolService ended
MRT DazhiService ended
Zhifu TempleService ended
Zihqiang Tunnel(Dazhi Church)Service ended
Zihqiang TunnelService ended
MRT Jiannan Rd. StationService ended
Nangang Software Park (Gate 1)Service ended
Park St.Service ended
Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
Nangang Software Park (Gate 1)Bus at depot
MiramarBus at depot
MRT Jiannan Rd. StationBus at depot
Zihqiang TunnelBus at depot
Zhifu TempleBus at depot
MRT DazhiBus at depot
Dazhi High SchoolBus at depot
Air Force Command HeadquartersBus at depot
Martyr ShrineBus at depot
Radio Taiwan InternationalBus at depot
Grand HotelBus at depot
JiantanBus at depot
Mingchuan U.Bus at depot
Taiwan Power Company North Taipei District OfficeBus at depot
Chiang Kai-Shek Shilin Residence(Zhongshan)Bus at depot
Fulin BridgeBus at depot
MRT Zhishan Sta.(Fuguo)Bus at depot
Zhongzheng High SchoolBus at depot
Wenlin Elementary SchoolBus at depot
ShipaiBus at depot
Shipai Rd.Bus at depot
Shipai Elementary SchoolBus at depot
General MarketBus at depot
Yongming Police SubstationBus at depot
Veterans General HospitalBus at depot
Qixian MansionBus at depot
Tianmu SquareBus at depot
Tianmu New VillageBus at depot
TianmuBus at depot