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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Taishan Sta.(Taishan Rd.)Service ended
Leeming Institute Of TechnologyService ended
Shanjiao BridgeService ended
Taishan Jr. High SchoolService ended
Military Police Training CenterService ended
Taishan Elementary SchoolService ended
Taishan Post OfficeService ended
Mingzhi and Heping IntersectionService ended
Dake BridgeService ended
Far Eastern Logistic Co.Service ended
Deyin Elementary SchoolService ended
Mingde Rd. EntranceService ended
Maoshang Public HousingService ended
Zhulin RoadService ended
Zhushun General TempleService ended
Apartments for the ElderlyService ended
Ziqiang Rd. EntranceService ended
Ming Ri Shi JieService ended
Military Police AcademyService ended
PenglaikengService ended
Wugu Elementary SchoolService ended
Wugu Service CenterService ended
Parking Lot(Wugu Market)Service ended
Zhongyuan & Changan IntersectionService ended
Zhengyi ParkService ended
Changrong & Zhongyuan IntersectionService ended
Changrong & Guangming IntersectionService ended
Yongping MarketService ended
Changrong Rd.Service ended
MRT Luzhou Sta.Service ended
Renai Elementary SchoolService ended
Renai Rd. EntranceService ended
Minzu & Minyi IntersectionService ended
Shueihe VillageService ended
EStopNameService ended
EStopNameService ended
Minquan Rd. EntranceService ended