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Back Stop
Back Stop Time (minute)
Mozart CommunityService ended
Jinan St.Service ended
Tonghua St.Service ended
Wuhua VillageService ended
Renyi St.Service ended
Jijing CommunityService ended
Wuhua Elementary SchoolService ended
New Taipei Senior High SchoolService ended
Xinxian Rd.Service ended
Sanxian and Jizhi IntersectionService ended
Jiying Rd.Service ended
FenziweiService ended
Bihua Elementary SchoolService ended
Wuhua St.Service ended
Ziqiang Rd. Sec. 5Service ended
Xiwei St. IntersectionService ended
Ziqiang Rd. EntranceService ended
Sanhe Junior High SchoolService ended
MRT Sanhe Junior High SchoolService ended
Jianhe New VillageService ended
Xingfu MarketService ended
MRT St. Ignatius High SchoolService ended
Xinyi Rd. EntranceService ended
Xinyi Rd.Service ended
Yuqing TempleService ended
Zhongxing St.(Minzu Rd.)Service ended
Zhongxing St.(Fuxing Rd.)Service ended
Hutian TempleService ended
Fuxing Rd.Service ended
Minquan Rd. EntranceService ended
MRT Sanmin Senior High School Station(Fuxing Rd.)Service ended
Yonglian TempleService ended
Guanghua & Zhongzheng IntersectionService ended
Guanghua & Heping IntersectionService ended
Wanquan MarketService ended
Jiucun TempleService ended
Jiucun St. IntersectionService ended