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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Xinshi StationService ended
Qinjiajiezou CommunityService ended
Longteng Dist.Service ended
Fengxiang Dist.Service ended
Gongersan ParkService ended
Taizi TempleService ended
Houzhou & Xinshi 2nd Rd. IntersectionService ended
Shalun Transformer StationService ended
LRT Danhai New Town Sta.Service ended
The Ocean CommunityService ended
Miranew SquareService ended
Neighborhood 6 KandingService ended
Yishan & Xinshi 2nd Rd. IntersectionService ended
Sec.1,Yishan Rd.Service ended
Houzhou & Xinshi 2nd Rd. IntersectionService ended
Hongpu CommunityService ended
Danjiang Church Cultural and educational centerService ended
Ocean palaceService ended
LRT Taipei University of Marine Technology Sta.Service ended
FU LI HE CommunityService ended
LRT Binhai Shalun Sta.Service ended
Kaide TempleService ended
LRT Binhai & YI SHAN Intersection Sta.Service ended
Tianshuijun CommunityService ended
Zhongshan & Binhai IntersectionService ended
Tamsui administrative centerService ended
WailiaoService ended
MifenliaoService ended
ShuiduiziService ended
Zhenshanmei CommunityService ended
Xinshi 1st Rd.Service ended
National Tamsui Vocational High SchoolNot in service
Shanggong Rd. IntersectionNot in service
Tamjin & Xinshi 1st Rd. IntersectionService ended
Tamsui QinggeService ended
Fude TempleService ended
T.P.C. DormitoryService ended
Zhengde Junior High SchoolService ended
DinghaoService ended
North TamsuiService ended
Yongle Lane EntranceService ended
Huanan BankService ended
MRT Tamsui StationService ended