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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
MRT Shipai Sta.Service ended
General MarketService ended
Yongming Police SubstationService ended
Veterans General HospitalService ended
Rongguan New Village(Eastern District of V.G.H.)Service ended
Yongxin VilliageService ended
Fude Temple(Shipai)Service ended
Fude Temple(Xingyi)Service ended
HuangxiService ended
Mingshan TempleService ended
Mingshan Temple 1Service ended
Xingyi Rd.Service ended
Xingyi Rd. 1Service ended
Xingyi Rd. 2Service ended
Xingyi Rd. 3Service ended
Xingyi Rd. 4Service ended
Dunxu High School of Industry and CommerceService ended
Datong HouseService ended
Shibafeng Fude TempleService ended
ShibafenService ended
Quanyuan Elementary SchoolService ended
Dormitory of Quanyuan Elementary SchoolService ended
HongshixiaService ended
WuweilunService ended
FengweiService ended
DinghuService ended
NeipuService ended
ZhouneiService ended
Yangming Park 1Service ended
Yangming ParkService ended
Yangming  WaterfallService ended
Dakeng TempleService ended
Hushan Rd. Sec. 2Service ended
Yangmingshan Park Visitor CenterService ended
Yangmingshan Car Park(Grass Mountain Residence)Service ended
DingpingService ended
Hengling Historic TrailService ended
YangmingshanService ended
Yangmingshan National Park HeadquartersComing soon
Boy Scouts StopComing soon
Central Weather Bureau3mins
Yangming Academy House4mins
Zhuzihu Rd. No.4-14mins
Zhuzihu Rd. No.2-24mins
Zhuzihu Rd. No.75mins
Zhuza Police Substation5mins
Hutian Bridge6mins
Hutian Community Center10mins
Dinghu Entrance(Zhuzihu)11mins