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::: Zhongxiao Metro Bus

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Go Stop
Go Stop Time (minute)
Luzhou Bus TerminalBus at depot
Wangye Temple EntranceBus at depot
National Open Univ.Bus at depot
Zhongyuan ApartmentBus at depot
Luzhou Elementary SchoolBus at depot
Luzhou Motor Vehicles OfficeBus at depot
Luzhou Police SubstationBus at depot
XiqianComing soon
MRT St. Ignatius High School Sta.Coming soon
St. Ignatius High School3mins
Xingfu Theater4mins
Jianhe New Village5mins
MRT Sanhe Juior High School Sta.Coming soon
Sanhe Junior High SchoolComing soon
Ger-Jyh Senior High School3mins
Houde Police SubstationComing soon
Delin Temple(Sanhe Rd.)Coming soon
Longmen Rd. Entrance4mins
Sanan Village5mins
Changshou W. St. Entrance6mins
Changyuan W.St. Entrance6mins
Zhengyi and Chongxin IntersectionComing soon
Tiantai SquareComing soon
Datong Rd. IntersectionComing soon
Zhongshan Art parkComing soon
MRT Cailiao Sta.Coming soon
Guozun St.3mins
Sanchong City Office4mins
Tax Administration6mins
Jimei Elementary School10mins
Zhongxing Swimming Pool11mins
Sanchong High School12mins
Chongan. St. Entrance14mins
Chongan. St. Entrance14mins
Taipei Main Sta. (Zhongxiao)Coming soon
MRT Shandao Temple Sta.3mins
Huashan Cultural and Creative Industries Park4mins
Zhongxiao Elementary School5mins
National Taipei U. of Technology(Zhongxiao)7mins
Zhengyi Post Office9mins
Huaisheng Junior High School9mins
Dinghao Market12mins
MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Sta.Coming soon
Apollo BuildingComing soon
Tourism BureauComing soon
MRT Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Sta.(Zhongxiao)3mins
United Daily News3mins
MRT Taipei City Hall Sta.5mins
Songshan High School of Agriculture and Industry7mins
MRT Yongchun Sta.(Zhongxiao)8mins
MRT Yongchun Sta.(Songshan)Coming soon
Yongji Elementary SchoolComing soon
Yongchun Elementary SchoolComing soon
Songshan Station(Songshan)Coming soon